ATTACK of the avery labels!


never leave the 2year old unattended while trying to put price stickers on your junk at your mom’s garage sale.



Submitted by: Tia



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  • Anonymous

    He looks cute all polka-dotty!

  • Rosie M


  • Anonymous

    There needs to be a new website: Stuff my kids enhanced.
    This goes that site, along with the turkey with the storm trooper helmet.

    This kid didn’t ruin anything. The dots can be reused for their intended function. The most that’ll be lost, is maybe a few hairs from removing the dots from his head.

    So, this kid enhanced himself.

  • Anonymous

    looks like he had fun

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this really isn’t that funny.  Come on people!  Send in photos so we can get more regular postings on this site.  This actually looks staged, how can a 2 year old get dots all over themselves so evenly spaced out?  Not any close together or overlapping. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s called “Stickerpox” and it’s contagious in that the moment you pick up your kid, the stickers somehow jump from her to you.  Trust me, we’ve been afflicted at least once a week.  And those garage sale dots leave welts when you pull them off.  LOL

  • amy robinson

    I call shenanigans.  I have never seen a 2 year old get the stickers spaced out like that.  In fact, any two year old with a sheet of stickers I’ve ever known usually ends up putting all the stickers in the same spot overlapping.