Sliding Glass Door vs. Hose


My husband and I are in the middle of remodeling our backyard and have yet to get a patio cover back up. Here in Southern California, the summers tend to get pretty hot. My 2 year-old wanted to play with the hose. Innocent enough right? Wrong. He was swinging the hose around pretending to wash the house and swung it right into the sliding glass door. Needless to say, the door was just hot enough, the water was just cold enough, and Ryder hit the door just in the right spot.

Submitted by: Jennifer Nugent



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  • Laura Swager

    is your husband crying in the background there? 

  • Kim

    It appears your husband is calculating exactly how many lawns Ryder will need to mow once he’s old enough to earn back the $$ about to be removed from his college fund.

    • Jennifer Nugent

      You better believe it.  LoL.  $382 later and it was fixed.

  • Deanna G

    I’m glad the glass didn’t shatter!  I can’t imagine how hurt he could have gotten with flying glass EEK!  That was one expensive oopsie 😛

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