The Garage Ceiling


Three year old girl + double roll of Charmin + toilet + boredom = Unplanned Renovations.

Submitted by: Emily



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  • Kimberly Smiley

    That’s the worst!  Why do they always want to flush stuff down the toilet?

  • Sarah Erickson

    My six year old did the same thing.  First with the toilet paper, then he moved on to a higher form of media – he flushed his underwear.  Now if anything unacceptable (or too plentiful, I’m looking at you, TP) goes down the toilet, we have a 3 month TV ban.  working so far….

  • Shan Sweda

    Oh man… my life has just flashed before my eyes.  I have two little girls who would use this photo as inspiration, I’m pretty sure.