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I’d finally upgraded my computer monitor for the first time in 10 yrs – a 23 inch Samsung led. $300. I LOVE it, apparently my 2 yr old son does too. because he climbed up into my desk and found a sharpie, and what else would a 2 yr old do with 2 sharpies but color all over the most expensive thing in his reach. Thank god for Google, apparently toothpaste removes sharpie from LCD screens = 1 time out and no hard feelings.

Submitted by: Kristian



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  • Ka Hay

    Hi all!
    I am sorry, English is not my mothern language. 

    What do you call “a sharpie”? Is that permanent marker for CD, plastic, etc.? I have a very important finding about these (I have a colleague in the office who has an internal need to write on anything and better not  his own  with these permanent markers.)I found that whiteboard marker removes permanent marker better than anything. Desks, bottles, glossy paper, any hard surface painted with permanent marker or pen can be cleaned if you apply the whiteboard marker over the stain, then let it dry and remove it with a cloth or something. Please try that on a small spot first, not to ruin the surface if the whiteboard marker is harmful for it. I cleaned many surfaces using this method, and it works better than alcohol or other solvents. Black whiteboard marker is the best choice.You may want to try two or tree types (brands) of whiteboard pens to decide which one works best on the given permanent marker.  😀 

    • Jessica Ross


  • Kristian Brasel

    yes very true, whiteboard marker does work very well too. in my case i just used toothpaste and it cleaned the screen right up

  • Franki Griffith

    A little trick I found, if you can find a store or a distributor office for Kirby (yes, vacums) or find a vaccum store that sells Kirby products, get something called Citris Scuttle. They make two types of Scuttle, ones blue and one is orange, get the orange and it’ll take the marker right off yiour monitor and it won’t leave a oily resude behind I know from experience, it also works wonders on gum in the carpet.

    • Kristian Brasel

      im a carpet cleaner, and we use a citrus solvent called oj. sounds like the same thing ur talking about. it works great just make sure to completely wash it out of anything u use it on, because if left sitting there too long it will begin to break down the backing of the carpet.

  • Angela Lammers

    Sharpies: To be kept behind lock and key until children have reached puberty.

    • Juniper Jupiter

      No…until they’re thirty.  :O

  • Natalie Rose Smithson

    My daughter had drawn on her grandma’s computer screen more then a handful of times with pens, crayons and sharpies. Baby wipes work to take it off if you get it before it dries too much

  • Cris Dopher

    No problem.  Sharpie also removes Sharpie.  Draw over the old marks and immediately wipe off.  I cleaned blue sharpies off a white Black Eyed Peas set that way.

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    for information, I’ll always keep updated here!