The Toilet!


My 6 year old was mad at his little brother so he stormed upstairs, went into OUR room, and slammed the door so loud that a very heavy glass candle holder in our bathroom fell off a shelf on the wall into the toilet, shattering the inside of the bowl.

Submitted by: Nicole



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  • Adam Haley

    Maybe you shouldn’t have heavy things unsecured on shelves with 2 young kids around?

    • Chelsea Henderson

      Maybe you dont have kids.. the possibility’s are endless… no matter how much you try and kid-proof your house. uhh durrr. 

    • Sherrie Habel

      I guess you are just the most PERFECT dad in the world!?!??  Where do you get off saying something so RUDE and CRITICIZING?? is everything in your house anchored to the wall??

    • Anonymous

      Ah, there is always something to break.  When I was a teenager, I slammed a door, and a pretty tile picture my parents had bought on a trip fell off the wall and broke. They were NOT happy.  My point being, you can’t have the whole house 100% childproof for 18 years; although teaching your kids not to slam doors from as young an age as possible is probably a good idea.  (I was taught, I just didn’t care).

    • Melody Imhof

      seriously, you read a site like Shit my Kids Ruined and all you have to do is criticize the mom for having stuff on shelves! Maybe we should just keep the kids in padded boxes until they are 18!

  • Brenna

    I wouldn’t have thought this was possible.

  • Anonymous

    When I was young, I slammed the door to my bedroom.  My father hollered not to slam the door, so of course I slammed it again.  30 seconds later I heard my Dad stomping up the stairs with his tool box.  1 minute later, I didn’t have a door for a month.  I have never slammed a door again.  His unexpected startle effect of no warning was the winning ticket 🙂

    • Mandi M. Lynch/fly46

      Yeah, my dad tried that.. After the troll sheet came down and the door went back up, I went right back to being a teenage girl.

    • Lyta Hopeflame

      My door’s never had a lock either- nothing in our house does, so I wouldn’t have been bothered by that one bit. It’s when he comes upstairs, wrecks my room and bins my stuff that I get annoyed. Door? No prob. I’d hang a blanket over the doorway and get on with life.

  • Raechel Tincher

    Don’t feel too bad, when my youngest was 12, he put a lit M80 down a friend’s toilet- needless to say, I had to buy my friend a new toilet.. (and I was less than impressed!!)

  • April Lee Anne Sandford

    At least no one was on the toilet at the time!

  • Andi Abel

    When I first saw the preview I thought the door slam broke the toilet, I was about to be super impressed with your 6-yr-old’s strength! Now I’m only really impressed. 🙂

  • Samantha

    I am so damn sick and tired of people complaining about their kids.  You’re the idiot who insisted on having them.  Suck it up or put them up for adoption, whiners.

    • Anonymous

      Why are you going to come on a website called SHIT MY KIDS RUINED and then get all pissy about the fact that people are complaining about what their kids ruined.  That is the whole point of this site!  You’re clearly the idiot here.  If you don’t want to see it then go elsewhere!  

  • Lacy Ripley

    That’s why you’re supposed to put the lid down. I am so paranoid about junk falling into the toilet. I go all mommy dearest on the kids when they leave the lid up.

  • Anonymous

    Sh*tter my kids ruined.

  • Alissa Nephew

    I learned my lesson about slamming doors when I slammed mine and the knob broke. I was trapped in my room. My dad had to pass me a screwdriver through my window so I could pop the hinges. I never slammed a door again!

  • Dani J

    oh my goodness! Kids truly are just a pack of destroyers!

  • Carla Stoltman

    My 13yo daughter was amazed that this was even possible.  We don’t have shelves over our commodes — just cabinets with towels in them.  I do know all about expensive toilet related repairs … I will be telling the $2,000 blue ball story at my youngest daughter’s wedding (that was the cost of the septic repair — including the backhoe — when the innocent blue ball became stuck in the pipes leading to the tanks).  She was 2 at the time she flushed it.

  • Caryn Perron

    That’ll teach your husband to put the lid down….

  • Jamie Lynn Moore

    It’s a good thing it didn’t hit a person.

  • Anonymous

    At least there wasn’t a log in the toilet when the accident occurred.  Thank the lord, for small mercies…

  • Lien De Witte

    Omg the exact same thing happened when I was younger ! 
    I was standing in the bathroom, my baby sister got mad and slammed the door and I saw a vase fall into the toilet shattering the inside !