Super Beaver!!


When my otherwise sensible six year-old was asked WHY WHY WHY he chewed the banister, he informed me of his secret identity. He said that he turns into a beaver when no one is looking.

Submitted by: Heather Mullins-Teasley



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  • Valerie Adams Pontius

    lmao! Good answer..

  • Kasi Klimstra

    No more Wild Kratts for that kid!

  • Anonymous

    How on earth do you argue with that? If you were there, he wouldn’t turn into one, and if you aren’t there, you can’t know, except for the signs he leaves behind.


  • Anonymous

    Super beaver?  My favorite SMKR excuse ever! made me laugh out loud!

  • Juli Eckmeier Cosack

    i just laughed out loud… not lol mind you, but and actual laugh out loud that woke up my sleeping baby. oops.

    • Lynn Nigro Tucker

      me too!

  • T.Christina Jacobs

    That is too funny, at least he’s creative!!

  • Amanda Bernard

    LOL!! Now how do you argue with such sound logic?

  • Anonymous

    Darlings, call the dentist.  You may have a pest problem that will persist well past the early ages, and definitely into the middle ages.  Can you imagine his first date?  Getting caught for “necking” will then involve incarceration.  Like that now, do you?  You wretched vampire.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, both of my older boys have done this to two of our beds, nice, EXPENSIVE beds, one of which is the footboard of our bed in the master bedroom, the other was my oldest’s brand new bed, stained dark cherry, so it’s super obvious!