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My daughter and her friend decided to “restyle” my kiddo’s lovely locks. Too bad she had to learn the hard way that the ability to style hair was not passed down from mother to child. Just because her friends mom cuts hair for a living does not mean that her kid can too. The last shot is a “before”.



Submitted by: Lizzy L



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  • Sara Wintrich Kaut

    Oh my god!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that is gawd awful, poor kid 🙁

  • Nastassia Bushey

    BTDT LOL! My 4 year old’s hair has finally grown back!

  • Karen LoParco

     I am reminded of the time my brother cut burdocks out of my hair. Lucky for me they were in the back of my head and I could wear a pony tail the rest of summer. Needless to say our mother was not amused that my beautiful long hair got a good weed whacking.

  • Michelle Jeffers

    My sister decided to give our mom a lock of hair for mother’s day one year. Instead of cutting from a bottom layer, she chose a lock from the very crown of her head and spent the summer looking like Alfalfa!

  • Desiree Marcel

    “I don’t understand! I cut it twice and it’s still too short!”

  • Julie

     Not sure how you would even attempt to “fix” that…. wig vs. shave it all off???

  • Amanda Burns

    aww poor kid. exactly how do u fix that kind of hair cut? Wow

  • KiAnna Fleur

    The Rite of Passage!

  • Janet Preston

     lol… sorry to laugh! Oh my goodness that is tragic. A ballet type head band will do the trick 🙂

  • Kristi

    My three year old just did the exact same hairstyle on herself..We now call her “Joe Dirt”! 

  • Shelley Dornes

     I had a little girl I knew do that to her infant brother.  Her parents didn’t notice, but I did.  When I mentioned that Aiden got a new hairstyle by Addie, they looked at Aiden, and were shocked.  Then they told me that Addie did that to herself, too.  By the way, Addie still denies that she did it to this day.  She was the only one with scissors, and Aiden was only 6 mos. old, so he couldn’t do it to himself.  It was funny to see the parents reaction!

  • Jen Mackenzie

    haha one of my 3yr old twins did that to his hair yesterday.. we have kinder photos tomorrow.. thinking about the buzz cut.. ick but its the middle of winter

  • Samantha Rowan

    LOL, oh my! When my now 9yr old and 8 yr old were 3 and 2 I had a similar situation. We had a friend staying with us and instead of putting the beard trimmers BACK onto the VERY top of the bathroom medicine cabinet he left them on the counter top. I heard buzzing and thought “no, no, NO” and ran for the bathroom. I arrived JUST in time to see my 2 yr old daughters hair falling to the ground and she turned to me and said “MAMA, INA ROCKTAR” Her brother had SHAVED DOWN THE MIDDLE OF HER HEAD, ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK. She had a reverse mohawk. We bought A LOT of hats and she would rip them off at the grocery store and everyone around would gasp. She told me a few days later that she no longer wanted to be a rockstar 🙁 As it grew back I had to glue it down so she did not have a mohawk (this was my ONLY child whose hair stuck UP when it was short). Her hair still grows in funny and she is almost 9…

    • Ann Wahlström

      Maybe should have shaved it off completely and bought her a wig! Horrible thing to do with a little sister! Yeah, things that can cut should always be well out of reach for small kids – guess your friend learnt that the hard way… at your daughters expense… fun story, tho’ a bit sad too…

  • Dawn Leuchtmann

    My youngest daughter is almost 12 and she is still not to be trusted with scissors! Since the age of 3 she has cut her own hair 7 different times, cut eyelets into my living room curtains, cut the dustflap on the bottom of the sofa into strips, cut pillowcases and comforters, the shower curtain, bathroom towels, her clothes, my clothes, the hair and fur of assorted dolls and stuffed animals, and on two memorable occasions the cats fur around the neck and head (the poor cat looked very sad for weeks).

  • Sakura Sandra

    Oh my gosh, I did the same thing to myself when I was a kid and I had to wear a thick cloth headband for months to hide my missing bangs!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t quite see the problem.  Here, I’ll solve it.  1) Go to Walmart.  2) buy a Flowbee.  3) Re-cut child’s hair.  4) Problem solved.

    No thanks necessary.  This is what I do.  *bow*

  • Taliesyn Jax-Wycoff Flaherty

    Similar thing happened to my 2 daughters when they were 3 & 4.  I cried myself to sleep.  The youngest has not has curls since she’s now 8.5