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20 Votes:  Kari Novakovich “I’ll never invite Lindsay Lohan over for a play date again!”

17 Votes:  Kimberly Churchill “It’s the only way to find an invisible friend.”

16 Votes:  Dominga Leway “It looked a lot cooler in Scarface.”

13 Votes:  Jamie O’Hare “By my third birthday I learned a big lesson: there’s no such thing as doing a little recreational blow.“

11 Votes:  Amanda Jones Monroe “Just a little more chalk so I can stick the dismount!”

10 Votes each:

  • Renee Maynard Gifford “I say that’s Charlie Sheens coffee table….just sayin…”
  • Kelly Sigle Pillsbury “doughboy murder scene”
  • Kelly Beckman-Crabtree “Just another afternoon at Charlie Sheen’s daycare. Winning!”
  • Adam Atherton “This was the last time Pablo Escobar offered to babysit his nephew.“
  • Leesa Kirkland ‎”Someone broke in while you were gone, Mom. So I dusted for prints!”
  • Jason Scott ‎”And that’s the last time we let Charlie Sheen baby sit.”




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  • http://www.facebook.com/rboulay Richard Boulay

    Huh, I got 13 Likes, but guess that doesn’t matter, huh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/spankyontheradio Spankie McButter Pants


  • not me

    THERE! There’s the fingerprint I was looking for!

  • not me

    THERE! There’s the fingerprint I was looking for!

  • Anonymous

    All of you “good people.”  You preach and preach, yet you seem to have intimate, carnal knowledge of COCAINE.

    Well, first off, if one was to “do” cocaine, s/he most certainly wouldn’t do it on a couch, much less a fuzzy surface.  Hello?  That’s why people use MIRRORS.  If that don’t work, a plate would work as well.

    If said kid was in front of a full-length mirror covered in said dust, then I’d say, REHAB.  But that’s not the case.

    In this case, I’d say, “the flour goes in the mixing bowl, chingala.”  *slap*