My Sunday Morning


This is what I get for not jumping out of bed as soon as I heard the three year old’s feet hit the floor this morning. The five year old came running into our room, frantic, and handed me the nail polish. I got up and found that the three year old had used nail polish on the bathroom sink, our living room window, our couch, and the child safety lock for the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Of course, he also did a bang-up job on his fingernails and toenails, too.


Submitted by: Robin



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  • Cait Webb

     don’t tell j.crew customers

  • Sarah Neyman

     just think about all the great advice you will have for people about how to get nail polish off of various surfaces!

  • Sakura Sandra

    Haha the toe nails are awesome!  Thanks for the laugh.

  • Anonymous

    How is this ruined?  More of a good lesson in WTF not to do, ever again.  With pics.