Country Crock

A tub of Country Crock…all over him and the laundry room. Thankfully his twin was in bed and didn’t get involved in this one.

Submitted by: Jennifer via Our Facebook Community Page



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  • Anonymous

    Bet he’s extra slippery when buttered up like that.

  • Brooke Heywood

    This one was so good I HAD to show my hubby. We agree that that is one happy kid, who is going to get a 12 hr bath and go through about 20 bottles of baby wash.

  • Shannan Ben Rosebrock

     Since he looks impossible to hold, I guess I guess you would just slide him to the bathroom! 🙂

  • Sarah Harris Horn

    My twin boys once got into a tub of Crisco–it was all over them, the bedroom, and dining room! I found them 15 minutes before we were suppose to be somewhere!! They were 2 at the time–we still have a TV with Crisco in the speakers–the boys are now 10!