A Brief Stay in Paradise

So on the very RARE occassion that my husband decides to be romatic, it was quickly intercepted by my two year old. I just love watching my husband play with our kids. He was waterpainting with our daughter. When he asked me what i’d like him to paint for me…(because he was done painting the picture for her.) I said,hmm…paint a place that you’d most like to be with me. And he painted this pretty little painting of a deserted island. How romantic! LOL. How beautiful I said! “No!” My toddler quickly hollared. “Lemme finish it for him!” And she proceeds to move him out of the way and paint over it. And later proceeded to throw it in the trash when she was done. So much for the moment. I guess that one’s not going on the fridge.

(Luckily, I have a before and after picture.)


Submitted by: Kimberly L.



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  • http://spokehedz.clavid.com/ Alexander

    Sounds like someone is going to be a hipster when she grows up…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001411748464 Lorna Doone

    I find this so completely heartwarming for some reason. lol

  • Anonymous

    I always try and get my preschoolers to actually paint something, rather than just paint a giant brown blob all over the cute stick figure or flower that they painted first.  I wonder why kids feel the need to do that. 

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a collaborative effort to me.  Shame on you to try and stifle it.  When they’re both 20+ years old (and junkies) and their works are being sold like hotcakes( bacon on the side, please) because the latest Warhol Impressionist they just met is fetching upwards of $4-10K for their prints, will you regret throwing this print away?  mmmmm?