Opening the Door

Aren’t naps wonderful? So peaceful. So restful. So refreshing.


Take it all in

Submitted by: beccarose



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  • Danielle Mellott

    This is how my daughter’s room looks after every nap. She’s quiet while she’s doing it, at least, so nap time is really just “silent-destruction-while-mommy-drinks-a-coffee-in-peace-time”. Really recharges her.

    • BillyBites

      I’m going to show my wife these pics, this is what we will be doing very soon!

  • Taryn Burtchell

    This is how my daughter’s playroom and our living room looks every day, i love nap time!

  • Julie Anna Gallaway

    My daughter (who is now 16) used to be really quiet too. Turns out she liked to play with the contents of her diaper during naptime. We finally resorted to duct tape (on the diaper!)

    • Rebecca Cichonowicz

      We had to do that with our son, too. He looked like a superhero wearing a utility belt!

  • Mary Mangum Nelson

    I swear, nap time is cursed. My son was quiet during his nap, and when my daughter woke up she had candle wax smeared all through her beautiful, long, thick blonde hair.

  • Tara Wilkins

    A perfect reason there’s no toys in my daughters room!

  • Javene

    I wish to GOD my daughter’s room looked like that when she was done with it. This is EASY!!

    • BillyBites

      wow, I don’t think I’d want to see a pic of your daughters room, lol

  • BillyBites

    Ah so this is what my house will look like soon huh????

  • Sarah Mikula

    wow this site is giving me a lot of future parenting advice. this one: don’t let kids have toys in their rooms!! and on top of that, I don’t think I’ll let my kids have many toys because the less they have, the less mess they can make with them. every time they want me to buy a new toy, they give away an old one. and keep toys in locked boxes way up high, if they want to play they can have one box at a time. and have no stools in the house all that from just one picture 🙂

    • Craig Rutherford

      Let us know how that works for you.

  • Jennifer Ramsey

    What I love most about this one are the perfect but empty pink and purple baskets so nicely placed back on the shelves. lol . Sooo glad to know I’m not alone.


  • Jennifer Ramsey

    What I love best are the perfect but empty little bins placed so neatly back on the shelves. Hillariously ironic.

  • Kimmy Brooks

     Hey look, it’s my daughter’s room!

  • Kimmy Brooks

     Hey look, it’s my daughter’s room!

  • Craig Rutherford

    we call that “Thursday” at our house… or sometimes “Friday”…. or….