My rearview in hindsight…

In hindsight, maybe letting my kids have free reign of the car while I pulled mildewing sippy cups from under the seats and chiseling granola bars and sucker sticks from the upholstry in a futile attempt to clean my car. My (almost) 5 year old’s response was, “Uh-oh! MOM!” and my (almost) 3 year old’s first response was “I didn’t do it!” Uh-huh. He’s the one in the pictures wearing a shirt that appropriately says “Looks can be deceiving.”


Submitted by: Tahirih via SMKR Facebook



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  • Tahirih Cahill

    They also ruined my ability to form a coherent sentence apparently. That first part made no sense hahahaha. I meant to say that it was not a good idea. Anyway, you get the point. 😛

  • Angela Mayo DuFault

    It’s so nice to know that I am not the only one who makes these futile attempts to clean my car! You did forget about the dried up french fry that landed in the door jam:).

  • Anonymous

    That mirror looks like it can be popped right back on.
    Maybe it was designed to let go under excessive force, to minimize the chance of breakage.

  • Alexander

    That is exactly a $15 dollar fix at ANY repair shop. They just have to shove the one end back into the other.

    If they can’t, then it’s a simple matter of unscrewing the bolt on the windsheild mount and you get a new mirror. They are like $50

  • Sarah Mikula

    i dont understand why parents let their kids eat/drink in the car. if its a long road trip, let them eat a snack outside when you stop for gas (not criticizing, i just dont understand..its like ASKING for messes)

    • Nora-Lee Rodriguez

      Really?? Do you have children??

  • Karen Honeycutt

    My son did that once…only he was hanging on the mirror while his “dad” was “watching” him…….

  • Anonymous

    Darling, obviously you don’t give him enough of the RIGHT toys.  Please rectify the situation and then post content of worth.  Ta….!

  • Mike Cui

    Would be even worse if that was an electrically dimming mirror.