Smurf Murder Scene!


No, that’s not a smurf murder scene. The boy got into fingernail polish (blue AND green) and decided to paint the house during nap time (apparently mom and dad were the only ones napping). The bathroom took the worst.  But there was also polish on the hall walls and light switches, the (hardwood) living room floor, the entertainment center, dog crate, bookshelf, the kitchen floor/table/wall/window, and all over the boy himself. Five hours–and two bottles of acetone nail polish remover later–we had it cleaned up. Ugghh!

Submitted by: Babbling Boy



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  • Anonymous

    My toddler covered me and my baby in nail polish. Green, blue, black and silver. I awoke to a burning in my (good) eye. Couldn’t see. Called for the husband to look after the baby while I washed my eye. Baby’s head didn’t come clean for weeks…

    • Sarah Mikula

      I’m assuming (and hoping) you mean while you were asleep? you must be one HEAVY sleeper!!!

  • Lara Taylor

    I’ve had fingernail polish put on my carpet in both my room and his room (by my son). I’ve also had it spilled in my refrigerator and on my kitchen floor. I feel for you.

  • cat nip

    Wow, that looks exactly like my toilet did a few weeks ago. Same shade and all, only fortunately for me, my LO used a washable marker!

  • Kai Rikken

    THat’s why

  • Alexander

    Best purchase I ever made for my brother-in-law: Motion Detectors for a doorknob. They are usually sold for people who travel in hotels a lot, but they have SO MANY more uses around the house.

    Close door, hook cable around doorknob, press button–instant peace of mind that the kids stay in the room without waking you up. $20 well spent.

    Now playtime can remain in the play room. Nap time can remain in the bedroom. Bath time can remain in the bathroom. And it continues to work when they are older too.

    Got teenagers? Why can they never remember to come home on time? Why bother staying up late, when the alarm will wake you up when they finally decide to roll in 2 hours late.

    • Sarah Mikula

      I babysat for a mother who turned the door knobs inside out so that she could lock her kids in their rooms while they played and even slept. I couldn’t decide whether that was safe or not but considering how crazy/hyper her kids were, she might have felt it would be safer to do that then let them have freedom. although, i’m sure kids can still find PLENTY of things to destroy even just being in their room…

  • Amanda Bernard


  • Missy Vail

    Oh my… this made me laugh so hard.  lol 

  • Brandi C. Dalton

    my first thought was… who in the hell still wears blue and green nail polish lol

    • Megan Rhoads

      All colors of nail polish are in style currently, though some more than others. I’m a beauty blogger.

  • Ann Wahlström

    Don’t feed sugar to kids… They get hyperactive when you sleep… Try that shirt with very long sleeves… and then some ear-plugs! Jeeesh, boys and nailpolish… At least he had FUN!