Ruined plans to garden

Screen shot 2011-03-29 at 2.47.18 PM

We’ve had an ongoing gopher problem in our vegetable garden. While I was finding us a few pairs of gloves my 7 year old decided to strip down and flood the gophers out.

Submitted by: Danica



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  • jl burns

    Laugh My Fucking Ass Off!!!! My 4yr would do the same damn thing!!!

  • Casey Ferris

    At least he stripped down, right? LOL

    • Rob~ Howard

      Oddly, that was my first thought, too. At least he didn’t ruin his clothes!

  • Petranilla London

    I feel sorry for you all with children!!!!!! I AM LAUGHING SO HARD HERE!!!

  • Annie Stuart

    you’re going to have some wet, angry gophers, there.

  • Anonymous

    funny, that’s how my Dad used to get rid of them too…did it at least work?

    • Sarah Reimnitz Christensen

      erm was he a little boy when he did it? Can’t imagine the neighbors would have been happy to see a muddy grown man in the yard next door

  • Anonymous

    If the hose didn’t drown them out, my tears would. That really sucks.

  • Penelope

    Nice garden, eh. Though it look like a swamp to me. lol

  • Suza

    Yes, but he DIDN’T ruin your washing machine. At least he had the decency to preserve his clothes.

    • Sarah Mikula

      you can always just hose off the muddy clothes outside before washing them 🙂

  • Alexander

    Mothballs get rid of gophers, at least that’s what my grandpappy always told me.

  • Amanda Bernard

    oh my lord I am laughing so hard there are tears coming out. I actually thought it was a dirty dog in the picture until I read the commentary!!! LOL well at least he had the good sense to take his clothes off first 🙂

  • T.Christina Jacobs

    Aww, at least he was trying to help! And, like the others said, he didn’t destroy his clothes, that was nice of him!