my 25 year old Cabbage Patch Doll


I let my son play with my Cabbage Patch doll that I got when I was a little girl. He decided to turn him into Iron Man, and drew the Arc Reactor on his chest. With a SHARPIE. Now I have 2 little girls that would love a Cabbage Patch doll but they have a blonde, naked Iron Man instead!

Submitted by: Evin C.



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  • Heather McCollum Schebel

    I hate to break it to you, but that looks much more like weed than the arc reactor. The Cabbage Patch defacing might not be the primary concern here. You *might* have a stoner baby.

    • Petranilla London


  • Laura Quirion

    try resolve. might work. also a little bit of straight pine sol on a washcloth will clean the face nicely.

  • Anonymous

    I had an original doll that had a cloth face. I let my little sister play with it and she took a marker and drew poop on the butt.

  • Kris Thresher

    Nail polish remover? Non-acetone.

  • Richard G Bruno III

    Totally came to post it looked like a MJ Leaf too.

  • Anonymous

    I had the same doll growing up. Sadly, she and a lot of her “sisters” drowned when the basement flooded once. 🙁

  • Matthew Kelley

    Your kid is already a stoner!!!

  • Teri Guss

    If you can wash it and you haven’t tried to do anything to get the permanent marker off, if you use perfume (the real stuff, not the cheap
    $15 kind), it’ll come off in the wash. Put some perfume on the entire area where the sharpie is, wash it, and hang it up to dry. It should work. I accidentally marked on my mother’s best dress because I wasn’t being careful and a few months later she found that out. Since she hadn’t worn it or washed it, it was able to come right out. If it had been washed first, it would have been washed INTO the material.

  • Alexander

    So you are upset that a child did something creative with a toy? Uhh, isin’t that the whole point of toys? To use your imagination to make them into many other things?

    If you wanted him to look at it and not use it–keep it away from him. Now it’s his, and you can’t have it back. Tough. Learned your lesson did you?

    Sheesh… A lot of parents on this site don’t seem to get the whole, “If you don’t want it ruined, don’t let them have it.” mantra that apparently my extremely weird and odd parents lived by.

  • Sarah Mikula

    well, if you just put some clothes on it it wouldnt look that bad 🙂

  • Laura Swager

    I thought it was a pot leaf….

  • Dibi Estelle Lay


  • Missy Vail

    Hahaha… I was showing my husband the pic and made the comment that it didn’t look like the Iron Man thing to me but it did look like a pot leaf…. then I read the comments.  lol  Glad I’m not the only one.  Still.. funny either way.

  • Kristin Lyvers

    Babyland General Hospital (CPK land) does bath camp for CPK’s…you might want to look into it for future reference. 

  • Lauren Wilkinson Borkowski

    I would try rubbing alcohol

  • K N

    You can bleach their bodies (if you take off the head first and tie the neck shut). Rubbing alcohol works WONDERS on a sharpie, too.

    I did not take photos of my daughter’s Sharpie ExtravaganzaS, but that was years before this site came out. You’d think my mother would have learned after I told her what happened at MY house, but nooooo! LOL

  • rc vliegtuig

    What? This is 25 year old Cabbage Patch Doll, I do not believe on it. If it is made of cloths then it is not 25 years old I think so.   

  • Mike Cui

    It doesn;t look like Ironman. Looks like Weed Field Stoner doll.