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This is what I came back to after a quick trip to do some laundry in the other room. And yes, there is another child in there somewhere.

Submitted by: Danica



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  • Jan’s Sushi Bar

    Is that the stuffing from your sofa???

    • Ann Hale McWilliams

      That’s what I’m wondering. And I hope they got some serious butt stripes for that. Those kids look old enough to know better.

  • Amber Palmer

    That looks like something one of my dogs did when she was a puppy. And she got her butt busted pretty good for it.

  • Dawnielle Martinez

    it looks like the stuffing from the back cushions cuz from the bottom cusions look in tact…well from what i can see lmao

  • Ashley

    HOLY SHIT. :(((((

  • Liz Millette

    some of the pics on here make me not want kinds at all. lol.

    • Petranilla London

      EXACTLY….. I DON’T!!!!!!

  • Lindsey Miller

    WOW! The fact that the ochild is sitting smiling and the other is buried, they are having a fantastic time! All while they get their photo taken! What a mixed message to send to the kids! They are old enough to know better and old enough to know that it got them some attention by getting the camera out! I would have reacted first, camera could come after the children were spoken to. Epic Fail!

  • Dani Marie Kahler

    LMAO!!!! hahahahahahahaha

  • Karen Kuecken

    Yeah. I totally would have handled the misbehavior before taking the pic. It’s only funny after you make sure they are GOOD and sorry. They don’t look sorry to me.. at all. I’m not saying spanking is the answer.. I’m just saying.. Punishment CITY in this house for something THAT naughty!

  • Danielle LoSasso

    omg i would have killed them!!

  • Danielle LoSasso

    omg i would have killed them!!

  • Petranilla London

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!!! OK I KNOW ITS NOT MY $$$$!!!! LORD!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, that looks pretty fun.

  • Anonymous

    Until I read the caption, I thought I was seeing a little boy with seriously long legs.

  • Sarah Reimnitz Christensen

    I would have hollered and flipped out! LOL What are kids thinking when they do that kind of stuff?

  • Sarah Mikula

    if only things didnt have consequences (like having to clean up after yourself) i’m sure even some adults would like to let loose like this every now and then lol

  •é-Kazmar/100002117303773 Reneé Kazmar

    Holy cow!  At least they’re having fun, right!  LOL

  • Missy Vail

    Oh Dear Lord… I can laugh cause it wasn’t me.  lol  I think I might have brought out my angry mommy voice for that one.  I have a puggle that tears the stuffing out of stuff.  Ran upstairs for a minute or two, came back down to find my puggle and one of our other dogs frolicking in the stuffing from one of our comforters.  There was a small tear in the underside and she found it and went to town.