Got a caption for this clementine found under a baby’s car seat?!?


‎”oh my darlin oh my darlin oh my darlin clementine.. you were lost and gone…oh wait, there you are” Submitted by: Kelly Collins – 62 votes

“In their primitive backseat environment, the infant and toddler homo-sapien are known to hoard food and other perishible items in unseen locations. The reason for this stockpiling is not widely known, though many in the scientific community believe this to be the work of the “I didn’t do it” survival tactic. Research is still unclear on this subject, however, as the survival tactic of “It’s all his/her fault” has been heard as well.”  Submitted by: Renee Freese Palmer – 45 votes

“She knew her husband had lost his balls shortly after their second child was born, but she never expected to find one had rolled out his pants leg and lodged itself beneath the new carseat.”  Submitted by: Corey Arasz –  33 votes

“This equals what my kids have done to my social life.. Dried up, shriveled and moldy. :)”  Submitted by: Krista Pfirrman  24 votes

“‎5 second rule!!”  Submitted by: Cheryl Snelleman – 22 votes




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  • Kathy Baker

    I will never hear “My Darling Clemintine” without this picture coming to mind.  It made me burst out laughing.