Concrete Evidence

The concrete guy left and two minutes later my 6 year old left her mark.


Unrelated, a few days later, I smelled urine in her room.  When I asked her about it, she admitted she peed on the brown carpet because she didn’t feel like going to the restroom.  No pic because you can only smell it!

Submitted by: Kelly



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  • Angela M Stewart

    I live in what was my grandparents house, to this day my little sisters foot prints are in the concrete outside the garage. Some day you will cherish it.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, its not ruined, its enhanced. I would have taken my kids outside to do it together.

  • Jennifer Self

    Oh boy does that peeing on the carpet story bring back memories. When I was five, I peed behind the couch because I didn’t want to stop watching cartoons!

  • Anonymous

    If for any reason, at any time, you need to tear up your driveway, you’ll have to cut that part out and save it.

  • Victoria Merida

    Totally NOT ruined, You’re gonna go sit on that square when she leaves for college!

  • Amy Wilking

    OMG….very weird….I have a 4-yr old daughter also named Eliza who also — for the first time ever — peed in her room a few days ago (stood over her wicker wastebasket and peed which soaked thru to the carpet, of course), bc she didn’t feel like walking the extra 6 feet to the bathroom in the night…

  • Kiley Warren

    My three year old ‘forgot’ about the newly poured concrete and excitedly ran through it ‘accidentally’ after telling him 1000 times not too. I now have a pair of little footprints, from rainboots on the wrong feet, forever in my concrete and I LOVE it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s crazy. One part of the kid’s brain processes commands from his/her parents, or even the kid him/herself, and another part, independent of the first, processes the kid’s own decisions.
      Even a few times I’ll still do something after telling myself (or my mom telling me) not to do it. Like locking a door when I’ll open it again it in a minute. Sounds like I need to teach my brain to intra-communicate.

  • Kathy Strahan

    I know I’ve said it once, but I will say it again. Peeing in her room, her little fanny should be a shade of red for that one!

  • Trish Taylor

    I hope you have/had a bottle of Kids N Pets!

  • Tylena Leach

    My kid just peed in his room on the floor the other day and gave me the same reason…BS that bath room is right across the hall…little brat!

  • MarleyM

    I bet it really tied the room together too!