iSorry, Daddy!


I just bought an iPad 2. I started playing with it and I instantly fell in love. While playing, I had to use the bathroom, but instead of putting it in a safe spot, I left it on the kitchen table.IMG_0848

My 4 year old daughter saw it unattended and grabbed it. While in the bathroom, I hear a loud boom. I ran downstairs and that’s when I saw my beautiful iPad2, face down on the floor. When I picked it up, the screen was shattered. My daughter looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes and said, “sorry Daddy”.

Submitted by: Timothy C



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  • David Alley

    You should be paying more attention to your kid than the Ipad anyways. Lol!

  • Bill Anstedt

    Sorry, though you should have just taken it with you.

  • Stephen Carey

    I think she did you a favor.

  • Karen LoParco

    tough one here, seems like you already learned your lesson though ;-0

  • Anonymous


  • martilindsey

    No such thing as a “safe” place when you have preschoolers…lol!

  • tamra south

    Takes about 5 minutes to replace the screen on those but I still would have been really upset.

    • Lara Kettell

      is it easy to replace the screen on an iPhone too? got a hand-me-down iPhone 3 (I know its old,. but better than no iPhone) with a cracked screen… trying to decide if the $40 screen and repair kit is worth it..

      • Juan Rodríguez

        yeap cheap and easy, go to the chinese pals at dealextreme or focalprice 🙂 for both ipad and iphone screens

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t you take it in the bathroom with you? That’s what it’s for!

  • Samantha Rowan

    ah, that sucks ;-/

  • Donald William Gillies

    google the web and find out how to replace the screen. then order a new screen from malaysia. I had to do this when my 3-year old jumped on our $2200 thinkpad. Saved $500 by doing it myself …

    • bob

      You paid $2200 for a THINKPAD? God help you.

  • Anonymous

    And that of course is why they come with beautiful blue eyes…so you don’t reach out and wrap your hands round their throats when they do stuff like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sorry about your iPad 🙁

  • Gretta Miller Sweeney

    This will happen to our MacBook someday. My husband is always leaving it out in unsafe places “just for a second” and it’s only a matter of time until my 4 yr old gets to it.

  • Lance Mayfield

    I learned my lesson with my iPhone, so bought the best cover my iPad you could buy and still after 2 months not scratched… YET!

  • Nicole Davis

    Yeah i agree. she just saved you a world of heartache that that pad woulda cost you. I’d take her out to ice cream.

  • Anonymous

    At least she apologized. That was pretty sweet and thoughtful of her.

  • Amo Led

    Wait a sec, it fell to the floor from an approximate height of 2 feet, and shattered like that?! Looks like your apple fanboying just cost you $500 (more?) bucks. Don’t worry, you’ll shell out at least $500 more on the next poorly constructed gizmo that apple comes out with 6 months from now.

    • Hayley Rodgers

      Not 2 feet, it said Kitchen table, that’s 3-4 depending.

      • bob

        My droid x has fallen from over 10 feet onto concrete and works fine. Same thing with an ipod, ipad, itouch, etc? It’d fucking shatter, case in point.

  • Kelly Zelnio

    This is why when I got my iphone I bought the toughest cover I could find.

  • Dany Menko

    That’s for buying an ipad

  • Anonymous


  • bob

    Good riddance; piece of shit product got what it deserved. The lesson here? Don’t buy apple products; they’re built for retards.

  • Bonnie McPhee

    apples the crap they android tab fell from a table and didnt shatter.all these people petting steve jobs ass….