Glass Table on Babysitter’s Watch


While babysitting three kids and making mac and cheese in the kitchen, I hear a loud smash right in the next room (just a half wall between us) and knew it could only be one thing. I look over the wall to see a stunned four year old and lots of broken glass. Amazingly, he had no injuries and the other younger ones had been with me. Clean up was such a pain! I still have NO idea how it happened because, of course, his story didnt fit the scene!! Lucky for me I still babysit these kids and their mom just said “I knew it would happen eventually!!”


Submitted by: Kristin



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  • porcelina68

    I have tables exactly like that! I just have to keep the dog off of them at this point, so they don’t wind up on sh*tmypetsruined. LOL

  • C G

    So the mother felt it was OK to have the table with a potential disaster on her hands.

  • Anonymous

    Tempered glass is known to go out with a bang. On its own.
    If I still wanted a clear table top, I would just drop in a piece of polycarbonate. Just don’t let the kids or pets know it’s tuff stuff, so they’ll still treat with respect, if you manage to get them to do that.

  • Amanda Bernard

    If I took away everything in my house that could be a potential disaster, there would be nothing left. Especially since now the four year old realizes if he can’t reach something, a chair can help!

    Nice that the Mom was so good about it, some people freak about everything.

  • Cheese Luver Person

     what was his story?

  • Jess Clark

    oh my….had a simiilar thing happen with my youngest. But in our house it was our entertainment center. The glass door shattered after my youngest decided to swing on it.