Footprint Evidence


Walked in the bathroom and saw this. All three of my boys denied it. I matched the foot size to the culprit….


Submitted by: Cody Sullivan



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  • Aleese Barber

    I’ve had this happen 3 times this week. I can’t manage to hide the powder well enough. 😐

  • kiannafleur

    This happened to my daughter this week, except it wasn’t baby powder, it was a name brand body shimmer powder for women…. the kid sparkled.

    • Harley Marie

      You can never be too young to be a Twilight fan.

  • chéri eir

    talcum CSI work, go mom!

  • chéri eir

    Talculm Powder CSI work, go mom! We are the best sleuths after all, coulda been lasers, we would figure it out. and then some. with love.

  • Jacqueline Kerr

    that’s soooo cute! and wonderful that you got such a great picture to remember it by…. those tiny footprints don’t last long enough :o)

  • Ashley Gonzalez

    From the brand name on the bottle, my guess is you should have called CID to investigate this crime 🙂

  • Jaclyn

    LOL! that is too funny!

  • Anonymous

    Next on Evident Footprints with Don Nicoloff…

  • Kim Smith

    Little Stinkers!