Fish Tank Graveyard

Picture 062

It took 30 seconds for one drop of soap in the fish tank to kill everything! Then just for fun, my toddler threw in my cellphone and accessories.

Picture 058

Picture 051

Submitted by: Jessica A.



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  • Rachel Scott Allen

    Man! I hope the turtle lived!

    • deborah whitehead

      That’s not a turtle, it’s a sucker fish

      • Anonymous

        A pleco ;D

  • Kristin Hansen

    Oh. My. God. Don’t know which I’d do first: laugh or cry…. I do know the urge to hand my toddler off to a wandering band of gypsies would be pretty overwhelming…..

    • Cassandra Martin

      words cannot describe how hard I laughed at that comment! You made my night! haha

  • Sandra Welge

    geeeeez… well at least somebody had a 30sec of pure fun… lol
    but i’m with kristin, i wouldnt know if i should cry or laugh first.

  • Juniper Jupiter

    That isn’t even remotely a “look back and laugh” moment.

    Pets were injured/killed (even if they WEREN’T the bellyrub variety). >:(

  • Alyssa Raymond

    Oh no! Poor fishes

  • Lorna Doone

    I love this site, for consistently making me laugh and forget my pain and woe of finding my 4 and 2 year olds’ latest ruination.

    Speaking of, my 2 year old, who loves fish, saw this picture and wouldn’t stop saying “FISH… BAF… hehehe, BUBBOLFS”

    I think this site should be reclassified in my home to NSFW.

    Thanks for the great site, and owner of fish, from my home to yours, my condolences on your fish and phone, etc.

  • Xan Dilkes

    I worked in the aquarium industry for 20+ years and heard horror stories like this one all the time, so you’re not alone anyway. My kids did something like this once, but they thoughtfully removed the goldfish first. Miraculously, he survived. We still have him!

  • Laura Jones Jaworski

    that is so morbid and i feel bad for the fish (i think there is a turtle also) …feel bad for them, but that is HILARIOUS. that is a sanity testing moment lol

  • Sarah Tooker

    And that’s why my fishtank has a canopy that is 5 feet off the ground and my phone is a rugged phone.

  • Tawny Lee Thompson

    Used to be a manager in a tropical fish store. Had a client with repeated problems with his reef tank – despite water changes, lots of testing, great filtration etc…. His copper levels and something else, I forget, kept being off the charts, even though he was using R.O. water and doing everything right. He finally gave up and tore the whole thing down, only to find the cache of pennies his son had been dropping in the back to “make wishes” with. Sigh. I think his son was 4-6, somewhere in that range.

  • Tiffany Tallmann

    That fish is like * r u fucking kidding me *

  • Amber Wheeler Hammer

    If you don’t laugh you’ll cry…..Yikes

  • Amanda Bernard

    Ah!! Poor fish 🙁 I know my kids would totally do the same thing, which is why we don’t have fish (among other reasons).

    My oldest once almost killed his cousins fish. He was 2 and she was 4 or 5 at the time, she was supposed to have closed her bedroom door but she wanted to let him in there to play. I asked her if there was anything he could get into and she said no, I thought well I better check just in case. Got in there just in time to see him pull her small aquarium thingy with her gold fish in it off the dresser….fish fell out, she was screaming, I was like “oh my god please don’t let the fish die” don’t want my kid to be the cause of someone else’ pet dying! Thank goodness the fish was fine.

  • Kim Smith

    Poor fishys! Is that a turlte in there?

  • Sarah Porietis

     when my daughter was 2 i got her FIRST pet… it was a beta named goldie… i thought i’d leave the little tank on the floor so she could watch him swim around… bad idea… went to check on her while i was making dinner & she had a fork & was trying to stab him! LOL

    • James

      LOL? What kind of ass are you?

    • Pax tuckII

      Lol your funeral

  • Katarina

    You’re not much of a parent, are you?

  • Elizabeth Imhoff

    My 29 year old roommate did kinda the same thing too… but by accident. She left a LEAKING bottle of Tide on the top of her tank. She had been breeding shrimp and snails, she also had a pleco I have GIVEN her in there. She woke up to it bubbling over…