Makeup Bandit


A few minutes alone… an hour of cleaning… Courtesy of all my eyeshadow.



Submitted by: Michelle



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  • Anonymous

    That is actually kind of impressive. Did she use the tiny applicator or what?

    • Michelle Ridgeway-Ford

      just the eyeshadow and black eyeliner

      • Alexia Rouse

        Target has this awesome makeup remover. Takes that stuff right off. I work at a daycare. I feel for you. Sorry mom 🙂

  • Heidi Mckibbin-Cooper

    Mine did something similar to this once but with Desitin…

  • Dee Gott

    Aw, and how can you get mad at a face like that? 😀 She’s so stinkin’ cute!

  • kiannafleur

    She’s so tiny and adorable! 🙂

  • MS

    Yeah..I don’t miss having children this age. Be glad it’s just makeup. My daughter had a poop fascination.

    • Anonymous

      Yikes! Man, I can only imagine.

    • melanie lindsey

      MINE TOO! my husband was terrified that she’d never grow out of it.

  • Trish Taylor

    Her hands and arms look like you tried to “bronze” your baby, LOL!
    She is very adorable by the way 😉

  • Anonymous

    She’s a cutie alright. But I’m guessing about 20 min into cleaning her face and arms the cuteness kinda wears off.

    • Michelle Ridgeway-Ford

      the bathtub was glittery for at least a week afterwards…lol!!

  • Tara Burke

    kids have such single minded dedication to their craft don’t they! She’s gorgeous!…… sort of 😉 xx

  • Michaela Bernhard

    I didn’t realize that eyeshadows can go “such a long way” 🙂

  • Jane

    She got it on everything EXCEPT her eyes!! Too funny!

  • Ashley Bradley

    Is it waterproof? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Oh, your blog is so funny! My kids have gorilla glued our couch and painted the walls- with “real” paint.

  • Anonymous

    One of my twins did the same thing with pink blush, except that she only managed to color ALL of her bed and her stuffed animals with the stuff. She learned her lesson when I had to wash all the animals. Her lovely long haired WHITE maltese dog turned into a poodle. Mommy couldn’t fix it. 3 years later she still has it and hasn’t been in my make-up since.

  • CFinVancouver

    I must ask: What soap or cleaner did you use to take it off? That stuff can be a bitch and a half.

  • Cristina Cârlan

    You can’t punish such a beautiful girl :))

  • Heather Campbell

    Omg! Thats a lot of eyeshadow!

  • Sarah Porietis

     my daughter did the exact same thing when she was 2… but she focused mainly on her face… and i mean ALL OVER her face, HAHA!

  •é-Kazmar/100002117303773 Reneé Kazmar

    She’s so cute!

  • Madeline Graf

    Looks like her hands are bronzed.