Vertical Blinds

I came out from cleaning the kitchen one day to discover my 4 year old son had ripped down every single vertical blind from the back door/window.

Submitted by: Naomi D.



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  • Anonymous

    In his defense, those are fun to pull off!

  • Anonymous

    It really does brighten up the space 🙂

  • ‘Wendy Watkins-Cramer

    lol with the way he is sitting all ashamed of himself, you could not stay mad for long…

  • Anna Sparkman

    Good for him, vertical blinds are terribly ugly 😉

  • Teresa McTigue

    I’m guessing this photo was taken after Mommy pointed out the error of his ways. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Agree with the other commenters… here is one picture where a child is actually showing remorse. At least you have a child with a conscience.

  • Cathy Lariviere Williamson

    heck mine where not even up a day before my toddlers, removed them in the same manner.. next day bought a roller blind, they tore it down, ended up not having anything in that window for years.. loved my sons…

  • Kristin Palmer

    I beat children for less 🙂

  • Dan Wendell

    Could be worse, they’re easy to put back up.

  • Alexander

    AZIZ! LIGHT!!!

    (+millions of Internets to who gets that reference.)

    • Elizabeth Anne Curless

      hehehehe 5th Element 😀

  • Heidi Martin ʚϊɞ

    my almost 2yr old does this ALL the time it drives me NUTS

  • Anonymous

    They’re horizontal blinds now.

  • Sarah Porietis

     my 5 year old doesn’t pull them down… she just BENDS the bottoms of them, so now there are visible creases on the bottom of ’em! UGH!

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