My Sofa

Back when my husband and I were engaged, we spent alot of $$ on a sofa for our trendy kid-free apartment. 3 years and a set of twins later. This is what it looks like. The fresh stain you see would be urine. We will now only be shopping from ikea until they are adults.



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  • Anonymous

    It’s pictures like this that make me glad we are poor.

    And not to give advice, but I can’t believe your kids haven’t ruined that lamp yet… why not put it above and replace it with Ikea *before* it gets ruined? They get so much stronger and faster at this age.

  • Kimberly Bryant

    If that couch is ruined then mine is condemned.. I don’t see any other horrifying stains on it.

  • Mickie Gross

    Yeah, I recently fell in love with the new La-Z-Boy Designer’s Choice line (the one Brooke Shields hawks)…and then realized I have at least 5 more years of The Boy and The Dog before I can even BEGIN to contemplate new furniture. We recently sent our (only 2 yr old) over-stuffed leather “big chair” to have frame re-hooked & re-inforced….would you believe they found not only a multitude of Lego parts but THE grossest mound of moldy Mac & Cheese you can ever imagine inside of it?

  • Alexander

    Or, you know… a slipcover… Maybe a trashbag or two…

  • Anonymous

    You are allowed to clean furniture when you have kids.

  • Anonymous

    my *rugs* are rolled up in a safe place back in the storage closet. my mom saw one (the mostly white rug with blue designs) and kind of raised her eyebrow and said.. where are you going to put that? (i have all wood or ceramic floor, no rugs or carpets to be found…. ) i think i replied “when they are out of state in college. i think it will go in the family room.