‘Ruined’ a Good Photo!

My little guy thinks it is hilarious to make goofy faces at the last second in photos…..For his entire 7th year of life I have a collection of “ruined” photo memories….from class pictures, soccer team photos and this photo at my neice’s wedding….Thanks Nicky!



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  • http://twitter.com/steppedonalego Kari Hentzelt

    Not ruined! I love this picture! Way better than the stuffy overly-posed pictures. I have professional photos of my sons making goofy faces, another one of the little one sucking his fingers like he always did. They’re my favourite of any professional photos I’ve had done.

  • Anonymous

    White privilege knows no bounds.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, get a sense of humor!

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking that this was a good candidate for Awkward Family Photos as well. The Oversmile? The Over-something. LOL You all look wonderful.

  • http://twitter.com/ithinkitisayit Heidi

    This is *hilarious* And totally not ruined! It’ll be fun to look back on it and laugh. Sounds like your guy has a great and amusing personality!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=727480116 Sasha Nova

    i hardly think they’re ‘ruined’
    these are memories you’ll look back on and smile one day <3

  • Anonymous

    which one is ruining the picture? The kid with the grimace, the kid dressed as an undertaker or that god awful furniture?
    Ah, those pics are like tattoos, embarrassing evidence from our childhood.

  • http://shedigs.tumblr.com {shedigszombies}

    I would agree with Kari and some of the rest (some of these comments are uncalled for). Not ruined. I love when I go to look through my pictures and my seven year old is making a silly face. It reminds me of what a wonderful and goofy kid he is, memories I am glad I will have proof of to blackmail him later. 😉 ha ha

  • http://shedigs.tumblr.com {shedigszombies}

    I agree with Kari. This doesn’t seem ruined to me. I love looking through pictures to see some of the silly faces my 7 year old makes. Great memories to remind us of what a wonderful and goofy kid he was/is. Plus they are great blackmail for when he is old enough to date! 😉 ha ha

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=55903639 Ashley Bradley

    the photo looks weird all on it’s own. the undertaker look on the boy…the weird mashing of the mom’s back dress with the son’s black suit…not to mention dad is missing from the “family photo”

    • Nicole

      Excuse me????  I’ve read some rude and humorless comments on this site but yours is the only one that’s truly offended me.  If you have the so-called “perfect” family, goody for you.  But idk who you think you are commenting on the dad’s absence from the photo, as though they aren’t a family without a dad.  My husband died while I was pregnant with our daughter, so he will NEVER be in a family photo with us.  You don’t know this lady’s story, so keep your judgmental and IGNORANT comments to yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the “ruination” was on the ceiling, before seeing the kid’s face.
    I agree with some of the commenters: Why follow someone else’s photo pose protocol? Why not leave the beaten path and blaze your own trail?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amanda-Broussard-Brooks/100000808071591 Amanda Broussard Brooks

    I look at it this way, that’s who he was when he was 7. My mom would always get angry with me because when my kids were babies I took pics of them crying, but if I hadn’t done that, I’d have no baby pics. They all hated cameras and would cry when they saw one.

  • http://profiles.google.com/sixxqueen Sixxlet Franklin

    I may be in the minority here, but I think maybe he did it over and over because he wasn’t being disciplined and told NO. Maybe he needed his little ass smacked. Maybe if mom once said NO to her “little guy” he wouldn’t have kept pulling this crap.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alexia-Rouse/100001316252210 Alexia Rouse

      You must not have any children. It is better to let them have an imagination, and enjoy themselves, than to grow up to be a stick in the mud, like it seems you are.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jillybean73 Jill Brogdon

    I am 37 and I still do this.