Kid-Ruined Stuff in the News

“Sorry, Daddy: Toddler daughter of King’s Speech producer drops and dents his Oscar!”  Story here:

Thanks to Bethany for sending the link!



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  • Anonymous

    I’ve never been so glad not to have an Oscar to deal with. Precious little angel, she is, and she knows what she likes.

  • Jeff Geurin

    I have a friend who won an Emmy and her son broke its wings off. The Emmy was for a documentary she did on the son’s battle with leukemia!

  • Robert Buttrick

     To have an Oscar or an Emmy is awesome, but they are only man made, replaceable, so let’s just don’t put too much emphasis on them, the kids are what’s important in life, the greatest “trophy” of our achievement and the most delicate..Just a thought to pass along…

  • Katarina

    Stellar parenting! Give the kid access to adult things. By the time she’s 16, she’ll probably have daddy’s credit cards, a drug problem and a DUI.

    • Janet Marie

      You got all of that from this story and a pic of a little girl sleeping with her dad’s oscar? What a douchey thing to say about another person’s kid that you don’t even know but feel entitled to insult them just because they make good money at something they work hard at and are good at doing. You shouldn’t be a parent if you are when you speak so rudely about others children which you have no right to speak of like that.