Bad Paint Job

This was a hand painted EA-6B Prowler that my husband started painting while he was still active duty and deployed to Afghanistan. He didn’t finish the painting before his deployment ended so a few days ago he decided he was going to finally finish his painting that he had started. Well, our 2 year old decided that HE was going to finish it for him. And this is how it looks.



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  • Alexander

    If you both are good parents, you will realize that things your children create for you are more valuable than anything you will ever create–with the exception of the children themselves. But that goes without saying.

    • Anonymous

      ON STFU Parents, they call this a mommyjacking. Honestly, I’m sure this woman and her DH love their kid, but don’t tell me that some child ruining a piece of personal art make it more valuable. The only thing this is good for now is telling it to the kid’s future dates/spouse/children at Thanksgiving for decades to come.

      • Alexander

        You missed the point entirely. My point was that it should be more valuable TO YOU because your kids made it FOR YOU. At the young ages here, I can guarantee they were not doing it maliciously–and if they were, then punishment is in order.

        Doesn’t matter if it is a macaroni picture, or a new front end on your car. If the child is making it for you, then it should be priceless to you.

        Things can be replaced. Memories cannot. You can’t take it with you anyway, but you will always have the memories. Treasure them, worry not about the stuff.

        • Miss Terious

          As soon as you have children (there is no possible WAY you could be saying this and have kids), I hope they find the most priceless thing in your home and smear it with feces or permanent marker. See how you feel then.
          Of course you’re going to love your child no matter what, but that does not mean you have to love and cherish every fucking thing they do.
          When my child spread his own crap all over our newly painted wall, I didn’t look at it and think “Aww, look at what Ben did for mummy!” I thought “Oh my God, how the heck am I going to stop him from doing this?”
          I wasn’t infuriated, but I certainly didn’t immediately think “How beautiful! He’s drawn a picture for mummy.”
          You don’t know a damn thing about parenting. I wish there were a way to ban you from posting. I’m so sick of reading your cynical, mean-spirited comments about a subject of which you know NOTHING about.

          • Alexander

            So, let me get this straight: You are going to get mad at the 4 year old who you were in charge of training and teaching what to do and what not to do… Sounds like someone should re-think who they should be mad at.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! I feel like throwing up! That’s worse than writing a 5 page essay for college and then hitting delete!

  • Anonymous

    Oh no oh no oh no. I hope it was him watching the kid when this happened.

  • kiannafleur

    I see talent — he’s VERY close to the lines for a 2y/o. Really. Seriously.

  • Stephanie Christopher

    i kind of like it! Has that dogs of war feel — flying through the craziness… maybe? not?

  • Anonymous

    Ouuuuuuch. There are appropriate places for toddler painting and that isn’t one of them!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! It’s so sad that I knew what jet that was, and then I realized that I was there when it was painted… like THERE… that sucks! you were so proud of it… boo… that DS2 pay will just have to buy you some more paint. SSgt (Seat Shop)

  • Anonymous

    It’s a little known fact that EA-6B Prowlers are swathed in a layer of pubic hair from a yeti. Your son is a genius.

  • Katarina

    Is your kid developmentally delayed? You might want to get him tested. There could be something wrong with him if he doesn’t understand the concept of not messing with things that aren’t his, by the age of two.