20 Month Old Boy = Destruction

20 month old + laptop + sleeping mommy = destruction

and 20 month old + Jar of Nutella = Huge Mess only 5 minutes after his bath



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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=718696512 Nicole Blount Rice

    atleast its Nutella and not something else 😉

  • Anonymous

    20 month-old making trouble and sleeping mommy= getting what you deserve

  • Anonymous

    WTF, why would you be sleeping when you have a child to take care of. That is beyond irresponsible!

    • monica

      It’s funny that your name is the perfect mama, there is no such thing! Everyone has room to grow and you must be a new mom with only 1 child, you should count yourself lucky that nothing has happened to you yet!

  • Rebeccas

    Im glad it was just nutella, And for the record, the laptop happened at 3 am, when he crawled out of his toddler bed and was quiet about it. And unfortunately I didn’t hear him. I was up all night the night before with him, and Im only human… And yes he is in a toddler bed. After climbing over his crib railing, we decided it was safer with a toddler bed

  • Anonymous

    No, I am not a new Mom with only one child. Good try with the assumption though, you deserve a cookie, with nutella of course.

    Luck has nothing to do with it. The word you should be using is “responsibility”. My 20 month old would not have access to my laptop or pantry because he wouldn’t be running around the house unattended. As I said before the is irresponsible parenting.

    • Anonymous

      Did you not even stop to think that this could have happened to the laptop in the middle of the night (or during naptime), which is why the mother was sleeping? Not all 20mth old children sleep caged up in a crib , as it’s safer in a bed for climbers.

      And moms need to sleep too, whether it is while the baby is sleeping during the day or at night.

      I use the bathroom during the daytime – is that irresponsible parenting?? Because the 30 seconds it takes me to take a speed-pee is all it takes for my youngest to get into something.

      Get off your high horse and join the rest of us here on the ground.

      • Rebeccas

        Thank you, that is my son. I already replied earlier, it was at 3am, when he got out of his toddler bed. He climbed out of his crib,so he was moved to a toddler bed. And as I stated, having been up 30 plus hours the day before, I didnt hear him move around the room…. But “guest” can think what she wants, i have a feeling she thinks her sh** doesnt stink…No worries, I know Im a good mom…

        • Loudclaw

          Wow, even as a person not far into his teens, I’m still shocked! Three keys are off of my keyboard on my HP; M, A, and F2. I can’t snap them back on so I use a USB keyboard we just so happened to have lying around. Great now I’m thinking ahead to being a dad…

    • Anonymous

      If only we could live up to the standard you set for us…except for the whole being a stupid fucking bitch part.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennrasmussen Jenn Rasmussen

    Oh my GAWUD, how dare you tend to your basic human NEEDS, you horrible, selfish person. I bet you have to EAT, too, GOD.

    Is there damage beyond keys being popped off? You know they snap back on…

    • Rebeccas

      The keys are now back on, this pic was before I fixed it….

      • http://twitter.com/justbooks4kids JustChildrensBooks

        Little fingers are quick. Had this happen to 2 of my laptops. And not all of the keys were able to be snapped back on!

  • Brandy

    this mommy needs a very tall baby gate! my entire house would look like this if it wasnt for 2 very tall baby gates in my house!

    • Rebeccas

      Lol, I have since invested in taller and stronger baby gates..

  • http://profiles.google.com/rosalieroux Rosalie Roux

    My son did this to our laptop, it took about 3 minutes and thankfully they all went back on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1629262899 Sarah Heaton

    I have 4 boys under 6 and I can promise you, I dont care how high you put your stuff, or where you put it.. its gonna happen sleeping, or awake.. And for those of you who think they are all high and mighty and think that it cant happen cause your a perfect parent….. Karma will get you one day… I have known to node off during the day due too a teething baby being up all night.. The assumption is thinking your child is stupid, they are smarter and more devious than you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/missyvail Missy Vail

    Too bad we can’t all automatically get one of those contraptions that will fit on doors.. so they will sound off if anyone crosses the thresh hold.  lol  My kids were/are quick too!  One of them is 20 now and just finished basic training….. he turned out ok.  lol  The others are 10 and 8. 

  • Mike Cui

    IF I had to get the laptop near my kids when I have them then I’d actually teach em how to use it! so they wont break! And I’ll give em the PC one while I use the Mac myself 😀