Cry Over Spilled Milk

Yes, this is an entire gallon of milk.

And yes, I did have to take off the baseboards in the kitchen to get it all cleaned up.

And yes, I now pour my 7 year olds milk if the gallon is more than 1/4 full!



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  • Anonymous

    I’m not shure which you kid ruined more: a gallon of milk, or your house’s ability to sit level.

  • HorseLover

    Had the same thing happen in my house…only it also ran between the walls and “rained” milk into our English style basement. Fun times…

  • Alexander

    At least you learned your lession.

    How about a Pro Tip: get smaller containers, so it won’t be 8 lbs of milk for them to lift. Also, it’ll be fresher as it won’t be exposed to oxygen as long. And better for the environment… I honestly could go on for ever here…

    • Sonya Hill

      Really glad you didn’t

  • Missy Vail

    Oh… that happened to my husband one morning.  Took FOREVER to get it all up.. under the sink… fridge.. dishwasher.. it was everywhere!

  • Eric Beckett

    Your house is crooked

  • tina bannon

    i pour my 6 year old’s milk into a pint sized container. that way she’s pouring a lighter amount and can still be independent.

  • mom90210

    Had this happen with a gallon of sweet tea. When I say sweet tea, I mean good ol’ Southern-2cups-of-sugar-per-gallon- sweet tea.