Ruined: trust in dad’s ability to babysit!

I was at work one day with dad babysitting, when I get a picture message from dad saying “look what your son got into?”
He said it took him an hour to get the ink off the tiled floor at the scene of the crime.



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  • BeQui Mangum Chidester

    This is a personal thing, but I wish people would stop saying the dads “babysit” their own kids. You watch your kids, you hang out with them, you don’t “babysit.” Babysitting is something a teenage girl does for money.

    • Sherry

      I totally agree! We never think of a mother babysitting her own kids, even if she works outside the home. If it’s your kid–mums, dads–you are caring for your family, NOT babysitting.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, it sounds like *her* dad was babysitting.

    • Riff Pepperpot

      I hadn’t read it that way, but now that you’ve pointed it out it makes sense. So, if it’s the grandfather watching the kid I agree it’s babysitting. If it’s the kid’s dad watching the kid, then it’s parenting.

    • BeQui Mangum Chidester

      But then wouldn’t she say “Ruined trust in *grandpa’s* ability to babysit”?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know. I wouldn’t refer to my father as my kids’ grandfather
        except in talking to them, e.g., “Grandpa will pick you up from
        school.” If I’m talking to a friend, I’d say, “My dad will pick them
        up from school.”

  • Anonymous

    is it called “babysitting” when the child is your own? how about husband was “spending time with his child, as he should be!”

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if you weren’t the type of wife that belittled her husband by referring to him being a parent as ‘babysitting’ he’d be more invested in doing a good job.

  • Missy Vail

    Oh good Lord… mom’s have crap happen when they are in charge of the kids too…. not just dads.  My husband is an excellent dad.  Has stuff happened when he has been in charge…. yep… but it has also happened when I’ve been in charge.  I remember when I was younger I would make all sorts of comments about people not watching their kids… yadda yadda yadda… until I had my own that is.  lol  My girls once found a packet of easter egg dye.  Where they found it is beyond me because I was for sure I threw it away because I don’t use the packets of dye.. much safer with the pill and coffee cup.  Sooo anyway… they found a packet of red dye and proceeded to paint each other with said dye.  Took forever to come out… much of which had to fade over time.  lol  I do have pictures.. I just need to find them….. OH… and we were BOTH home at the time.  lol