Don’t make Ramen without Water

One evening while home with just daddy, my 5 year old son decided to make some Ramen noodles. Without water. In the first photo, you can see what the noodles and bowl looked like when they came out of the microwave. The smell lingered for a week at least.



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  • Julie Serpette

    my 10 year old did this with easy mac last week. I didn’t even think to take a picture. The inside of my microwave looks Ok but my house still reeks and every time we use the microwave it it like burning it all over again.

  • Ashley

    LOL. How long did he cook that?

  • Anonymous

    who feeds their 5 year old ramen?

    • Arlyne Raines Dearduff

      Umm, broke people? When you eat ramen for lunch/snacks ($0.20 a pack v. $2 for about anything else quick and foodish) your kid will eventually eat it. No different than the mac/cheese obsession most littles seem to have.

    • Nicole Davis

      Dude my kids love ramen. And they are 2,3 and 5. Its their favorite quick meal. They ALWAYS ask for it when we are at the store and know their favorite flavors by color. its cute.

  • Maura Matryoshka Magistra Conw

    I should admit that as a 24 year old i did the same thing 😉

    • ClintJCL2

      I should admit that as a 41 year old I did the same thing 😉

  • Erica Richard

    hahahaha i did that with mr. noodles when i was 12.

  • *Kelli*

    Ashley, I was wondering the same thing…lol The noodles are charred beyond recognition…lol

    Lacotomo, a lot of people feed their 5 year olds Ramen noodles. I guess I didn’t realize there was an age requirement! Not like the child was 5 MONTHS old!

  • April

    My 3 year old did something similar a few days ago…but it wasn’t quite as bad. We didn’t melt a bowl, just set off the fire alarm! It’s all good!

  • Alice Martin Harrison

    We had that same microwave, which either my mom or my kids ruined, I’m not sure which. Apparently they decided to use it to time my son’s reading homework. It was set for 20 minutes with nothing inside. At some point it burst into flame.

  • Sarah Murphy Taylor

    I learned after three times of this happening that you unplug the microwave and take it outside to open it. Sure wish I would’ve thought of that the first time as I had to go somewhere and everybody kept sniffing the air and I had to explain it was me that stunk.

    • ClintJCL2

      Mine’s built in. HALP

  • Amy Krugh Hossler

    My 6 year old daughter did this two weeks ago.

  • Anonymous

    My now 15 yro son did that when he was 6….I still remind him to add water. Took forever to get the smell out of the house.

  • Jenilee Blonigen

    Wow, the Ramen looks like one of those steel wool pads… lmao PE-U I can just imagine the smell!!!

  • Nicole Davis

    You know that looks like my microwave.. after.. well someone… not my kids… to cook a steak in it… I mean.. seriously… Theres a stove for a reason… But yeah… My kids.. well yeah.//

  • Heather Ross

    My 13 year old is famous for his waterless cooking. Easy Mac – 1, Oatmeal – 3, Hot Cocoa – 1, Ramen – 2. He’s no longer allowed to use the microwave.

  • Sarah Porietis

    so KINDA the same thing happened when my daughter was 3… we have a REALLY old microwave… no digital display, no buttons to push… all you do is turn the knob to set the timer. anyway, i put a corndog in there for my daughter… without me knowing she went in there & turned the little dial WAAAAY up… i was wondering what was taking soo long when i started to smell something burning. i went to check & when i opened the microwave door there was SMOKE, lol! the corndog was just a LITTLE crispy, haha!

  • Stacey Arends

    my husband did this to lol

    • ClintJCL2

      whose lol?

  • Anonymous

    I had teenagers that forgot the water and did this.  One of my kids, when about 2, put a toy truck in the microwave and put it on for 72 minutes.  After about 5 minutes it caught fire.

  • Paul McNamara

    I did this years ago (when I was maybe 11 or 12) with instant potatoes. Apparently I had got distracted by something and never put the water in.

  • Jack Travers

    oh shit i did this today 😛

  • Bonnie Havis

    My 5 year old is not allowed to use the microwave, for all of these reasons.  He has been cautioned and takes me very seriously about this.  The most he will do is watch while his food cooks.  He only touched the microwave once when he as 4, and I sat him down and talked to him about how dangerous it was and how he needed an adult to cook for him.  That’s all it took.

  • Bonnie Havis

    P.S. I don’t know any children at that age who don’t like ramen noodles.  lol

  • btizzle

    Oh yeah, and another one bites the dust! My coworker did this yesterday. I smell smoke, run to the kitchen and its coming from the microwave. Before I could even decide what to do, it dings. Thank god! Now I’m thinking clearly and jump in to action! By opening the microwave door, allowing all the smoke to dump out and set off the smoke detectors. Brilliant! Fire department comes and evacuates the building. We are all standing outside in the pouring rain when we hear the bad news; everything is ok and we can go back to work. A part of me was hoping for an ‘Office Space’ style ending.
    Initially, before the FD got there, no one knew who dunnit. Whatshisname was at his desk hard at work, on the other side of the building, with his headphones on, unaware and oblivious. Nice! To err is human. To set your lunch on fire, walk away and forget about it, is phenomenal!