Lil Hulk

While in my bedroom putting away laundry, my kids became eerily quiet. I went out to the living room to find my son’s head completely green and my daughter holding food coloring bottles. I of course panicked and starting calling family and friends to help me figure out how to get him clean. I got many laughs while telling the story. After scrubbing for an hour, he did come clean…..and now the food coloring is out of their reach!



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  • Anonymous

    Oh, Crystal. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

  • Anonymous

    Well, on the bright side, the green complexion really brings out the blue in his pretty eyes! Awesome picture!

  • Sarah

    That is so funny! Thanks for sharing your tale Crystal! The picture is proof that even the cutest kids can be little (and still lovable) monsters 🙂

  • Lesa Nelms

    Proof that even a sweet little angel can look kinda creepy and weird! Wow, scary.

  • Geoff Hazel

    I wish I had a picture, but something very similar. My daugher was 3 or 4, and she was in the back seat as I drove to pick up her brother from a hiking trip. When I got to where he was, I looked back and her legs were all RED. She had gotten hold of one of her mom’s lipsticks, and colored every inch of her legs red with it.

  • Anonymous

    real life Shrek baby!!!

  • Tanya Retief

    That’s pretty funny. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    (I would’ve HATE cleaning that…. :D)

  • Christopher Mauro

    Does he have layers too?

    (lol… that was a reference)

    • Ann Wahlström


  • Anonymous

    So glad all my kids are grown.

  • Missy Vail

    Looks like someone wanted to get a jump start on Halloween.  lol

  • Betty Sanchez-Mallory

    Don’t make your kid angry.  You won’t like him when he’s angry.

  • For sale denver Craigslist

    that is one humongous baby! 

  • Thom Hoyt

    Holy Human Easter Egg Batman!!!

  • Sheryl Simpson

    zombie baby needs BRAAAAAAAAAAAINS!

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, that thing is ugly.