Bye Bye Figure!

22 weeks pregnant with twins!

34 weeks pregnant with twins!

Not that I was skinny to begin with…but my body will never be the same lol. The joys of twins!



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  • Serendipity Lights

    Um, I don’t want to rain on your pity parade, but YOU , my friend, ruined your figure! LOL
    Those babies are just the by-product .
    Wait until they hit the carpet, snot nosed, and covered in ketchup, and then come back here complaining.

    • Anonymous

      Does this woman look like she’s in a “pity party”?? She’s smiling and being a great sport!! I think you’re being waaaaaay too literal.

    • Kelli J

      What is it with people like you replying. Oy….step out if you can’t take the humor in it.

    • Kristina Helms

      Whoah nelly…It’s called humor. Of course I don’t really blame them!


    • Kristina Helms

      OH, and FYI, I just enjoy showing off the bump I had…I wasn’t looking for a “pity party.”

  • Anonymous

    Kristina – You are adorable!!! All the best

  • Meaghn Moore

    I think my belly was bigger with my first, and there was only one in there! I couldn’t have my elbows at my side and touch my fingertips together πŸ˜› Good luck with the twins!

  • Anonymous

    You look amazing, and I’m sure you’ll look amazing even after they’re born. Best of luck to all three of you!

  • Kristina Helms

    Hehe, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I got two awesome kids out of it πŸ™‚

  • Elisa

    You look great! As a fellow twin Momma, I feel your pain though πŸ™‚ My body won’t ever be the same as before, but I couldn’t imagine my life without our crazy girls. Wait for the terrible twos, you’ll have more stuff to post here πŸ™‚

    • Kristina Helms

      I mean to say i already had them, these are pretty old now, the twins are almost two years old (by the way, terrible twos is a grave misnomer!)

      • Alexia Rouse

        Threes are sooo much worse. They quit sleeping. They turn into spawns of satan at that point and time.

  • catherine

    ooooh mama just remember your growing 2 lil bundles of joy in there!! It’s not easy but totally worth .. Im also a momma of twinadoes and 2 singles and I love every minute of the chaos!! Although I wish i could lose the last couple of lbs!!

  • Lisa Patnoe

    Don’t panic. I gained about 50% of my then body weight to put out one 8lb baby boy. Within two years I was smaller than when I’d started, and I only had to chase after one.

  • Joyce Knox-Buss

    You are right. Your body will never be the same, but on the other hand TWINS ARE THE BEST. It is really cool to see them grow together and the different ways they deal with each other. Ours went from I am going to marry you (age 3) to you are not my twin anymore (5), to now they are pre-teens and they get along for the most part. Well Good luck and enjoy those babies. It is rough the first few weeks but it does get easier. Make sure you have plenty of help.

  • Anonymous

    U look awesome! Everyone is different! My son and daughter (twins) will be 12 months Friday. I got my body back after 3 months, (not being hungry helped) and I had NO HELP. None. You just figure it out. Don’t worry it just happens. Also getting involved in your local area Mothers of Multiples group for support is a huge huge help. You can get involved with them now, just google Mothers of Multiples it will lead u to the chapter in your area! Good luck!!!

  • Kimberly Loos Glenn

    Love it. My twins will be three in may and I work at the hospital that delivered them. Lets just say my name is filled in when you ever hear the sentence “The biggest person I ever say pregnant was ____ ___” I feel ya but wouldn’t have given it up for the world. I wish I had taken more pics of my huge baby bump. Enjoy the babes, and the stretch marks!!!lol

  • Kristi

    As the mother of twins, I can promise that won’t be the last thing they ruin!!!!

  • Alexander

    The only thing more beautiful in this world than giving birth is giving birth twice.

    Your husband, if he knows what’s good for him, will love you no matter what size you are.

  • Anonymous

    Yea I gained a lot with my first and only child (so far) and I’m smaller than I was before I was pregnant. My baby was almost 9 lbs. I don’t care what people say, kids do NOT ruin your figure …just takes work to get back in shape! We’re not doomed our bodies are so resilient.

  • Kheeta Keen

    lol I had one huge baby and my body has never been the same. I was really skinny so my tummy had to stretch a lot. Now I have flabby belly skin with stretch marks that will never go away, still it was worth it to have a beautiful child. Good luck with your twins πŸ™‚

  • nikki90045

    you where never skinny unless
    a size 12 is thin
    next time have him roll you over before
    just saying

    • Babcia

      she never said she was skinny. and it is “were” not “where”.

  • Joanna Joerger Peterson

    As a fellow mom of twins – 15 month old boy/girl – I understand your plight! As hard as I work out, you’d think I would be in better shape than I am…I still look like I delivered a month ago!

    Wouldn’t change it for the world, though! These two are wonderful and completely worth it!

  • Anonymous

    Was this supposed to be on “Shit My Diet Ruined”?

  • Anonymous


  • Jessica Ellingson

    congrats on being pregnant with twins!!! i too was pregnant with twins and i have massive stretch marks, a pooch, and never lost all the weight! i know exactly what you mean! but your gift is so much greater than ruining your body… it makes it worth it.

  • Jason Matthews

    that is horrible, you should never say something like that.

  • Erik

    Don’t blame the kids for you looking like a live action albino ninja turtle. Twins don’t do that.

  • Nick The-Juice Zanko

    i dont even think shes preggers

    just fat

  • benmarvin

    So is the first photo the “before” picture? Yeah, they sure ruined you, fat bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Yup, they ruined it alright. Better you than me… you can have that disaster all to yourself…

  • Clare Dinsdale

    OMG, I can’t over the level of nastiness here! Kristin was PREGNANT, not FAT. So, benmarvin and SerendipityLights, how about you shut your FAT mouths?

    Kristin, honey, you looked GORGEOUS!

  • Rachel Thomas

    oh honey. i was the same way! my twins turn three today!! and im still a mses πŸ™‚ enjoy them

  • *Kelli*

    Some people are just plain JERKS!

  • Clarisse Argolo

    none of the photos appears to me, in the whole website

  • Anonymous

    what the hell is wrong with you people. who says that sort of crap i feel sorry for you lot, clearly none of you have been pregnant let alone with twins, trust me one day if you are ever blessed enough to fall pregnant, i hope you remember your words while you gaze in wonder of your changing body ,flab ,stretch marks and all and remember what f@#king idiots you all are

  • Anonymous

    I am truly surprised at how nasty people can be on here. Just because it’s the internet you think that gives you the right to be a total asshole? If you saw this person in real life would you be tempted to be so rude? It really says a lot for how YOUR parents raised you. I’d like to see each and everyone of you that felt the need to comment on her and be nasty about it post a picture of yourself so we can rip you apart. I think that’d be more fun than posting ugly comments about a woman’s pregnant pictures. I sincerely hope you all decide against procreating because your snit needs to stop with you.

  • Abby Fisher

    Oh, honey. I was 58″ around before my twins finally decided to be born – and they were 6 weeks early. Holy cow… it takes YEARS before the damage even starts to subside.

  • ‘Heidi Spargo


  • Sally Vassar

    “post a picture of yourself so we can rip you apart.”
    Most normal people don’t post nasty pictures of their stretch marks.gross

  • Danielle

    I was worried about my body too when I was pregnant with twins. Now that is the least of my worries. They will ruin much more in the near future. You have to remember they were born with a partner in crime. No waiting period for another sibling. Good luck Mama!

  • Brianne Babb

    As a mother who has lost one of her twins in the second trimester I say be thankful you carried both to term.