NO YOU DID NOT!!!!   BREATHE…….!!!!!!



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  • Andrea Cedusky

    I don’t have children and that sight makes me need to breathe out of a bag. Bye bye $500 of makeup.

  • Andrea Cedusky

    I don’t have children but this photo makes me need to breathe out of a bag. Buh bye $500 of makeup.

  • Eva Wright Mania

    OMG is right fashion girl in the making.

  • Nikki Smith

    I’m sure you could sell your kid for about what that make-up is worth. 🙂

    • Prairieknitwit

      and if some of those colours have been discontinued or are limited edition, making a new kid would be waaaay easier than replacing those! (kidding! mostly.)

  • Brigitte Fouwler

    This makes me want to cry.

  • Tasha Neff

    that make up is replaceable…kids are not!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. Obviously. It’s still nice to commiserate when there’s a mishap! I think you’re kind of missing the point.

  • Tasha

    you’re kid is totally worth more than that make….your kid is irreplaceable….is your kid? i think not

  • Kristin Hansen

    Oh. My. God. As a make-up junkie, this sight makes me want to cry. I have that exact same train-case stuffed to the gills with make-up. I can’t imagine how much $$ it translates to, but I’m sure it’s a lot. I’m sure one day (in the far far future…) you’ll look back on your kiddo’s “makeover” and laugh, but holy cow – it would take awhile for me to stop being upset!!

  • Rachel Smith Holmes

    i think i died a little inside

    • towser

      Ironically if you’re that superficial, you’re already dead inside…

      • Claire

        the site wouldn’t be funny if we weren’t exaggerating our feelings a little. There shouldn’t be judgment here.

  • Kalia Bratton

    This is my biggest fear! and i have 3 of those cases! plus a 10 month old and one on the way! I think the first cabinet to get the baby locks is my makeup cabinet!!!!!

    • Ann Wahlström

      …second – medicine cabinet; third – toolbox… and so on… Why not put all fragile, dangerous things in one big room and throw away the key for like 18 years? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gawd I would die!!!! I have 12 m old twins I am putting a padlock on my mac rolling case!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gawd I would die!!!! I have 12 m old twins I am putting a padlock on my mac rolling case!!!

  • Rebecca M Perez

    that was mac i feel your pain

  • Alexander

    1. Put things that you do not want ruined away and out of reach of children. Preferably behind a lock with a key on it that you keep around your neck.

    2. Do not get angry with the children. They don’t even know what the ‘value’ is of those things, only that you like using them. That is the only reason they want to play with it. They want nothing more than to be like you… That is until they are like 13, and then they want to be NOTHING like you. but that’s another story entirely…

    • towser

      This is about makeup and ladies… I don’t see how explaining things with common sense is gonna help anyone here…

      Just be glad this isn’t about shoes, then we would have a police report to read :p

    • Kelli Maielli

      I would be willing to bet that people don’t generally post photos on this site looking for parenting advice. Especially from people who obviously do not have kids.

    • Anonymous

      What are you even doing here?

  • Val

    It’s so strange how makeup all looks reddish brown once it’s mixed together. How do I know this? From experience. *sigh*

  • Val

    It’s so strange how makeup all looks reddish brown once it’s mixed together. How do I know this? From experience. *sigh*

  • Deborah Blicher

    I did this when I was three. I am now 47. My mother STILL talks about it.

  • Amandia Marie Johnson

    I have a small make up case that I keep in my purse with just the basics in it. I set my purse down just long enough to run in the other room and look for my keys and wouldn’t you know it was a rose pink and bronze color by the time I got back… I wanted to cry. I feel your pain.

  • Chandra Renee Loudermilk

    I have that same make-up box! In fact, I bought it because I could lock it because my son had an affinity for painting with my expensive eye shadows.

  • Pam Brown

    Please tell me that is not Mac!! 🙁

  • Maíra Bueno

    My deepest sympathies

  • Summer Smith

    My husband and I are professional makeup artists, mostly special effects, but our kids have gotten into the makeup, and I so feel your pain.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, My 3 year old did this recently! Did she go for the Cover Girl? The Revlon? Oh no… she went straight for my MAC and Urban Decay…

  • Anonymous

    Oh yes….I have had a few Bare Minerals “accidents” with my kiddos as well. I honestly thought I was going to pass out…knees were weak, I was shaking. Had to walk away!

  • Anonymous

    We have that exact same tile floor. I always wondered how to paint/decorate that room. I now have another “not to do it this way” way.

  • Melissa Pomeranz

    That is WAY more than $500 of makeup!!! OMG, I am literally saying OMG OMG OMG over and over, while near-hyperventilating. And I was upset when dd flushed my now-discontinued Estee Lauder refillable lip liner… for which I have about $300 of refills that are now useless. OMG, this is the worst one on this site. I feel for you sooooo!!! 🙁

  • Anne Marie McLennon

    Noooooooooooooooooooo. oh man, I’m tearing up over here. My deepest sympathy!

  • CFinVancouver

    I see this conversation in somebody’s future:

    “Sorry honey, I know you got into a good school, but we can’t afford the tuition. See, instead of setting up a college fund when you were little, Mommy decided to blow the money on expensive designer cosmetics. But don’t worry, you can have expensive designer cosmetics too – just get a job at the counter!”

  • Renee Hetrick-Lamp

    i have had that done ive replaced so much make up and everything that its sad so now by sheer cover by bare minerals by all of it i kleep a eye liner and lip gloss for the times i need to venture out of the house.

  • BabyJenks

    Ouch and that’s Bare Escentuals too…

  • Missy Vail

    My daughter dumped out an entire container of Bare Essentials powder foundation stuff… she then dumped out the veil powder to mix the two together…. all over the bathroom sink, counter, toilet, bathtub and floor. I so should have gotten a picture. 

  • Anonymous

    my son just recently painted my hardwood floor, ipad, and iphone a very pretty color of beige with my brand new mac foundation and make up forever concealer…all while using my professional grade make up brushes to blend it all in…smh…needless to say…it was def nap time for him after that whether he liked it or not…cuz mama just needed to get away

  • Branda Johnson

    lol wow thats nothing. i have 3 makeup cases,4 makeup bags -various sizes- a little 2 drawer tub thing and a little pink basket. Well over 1/2k. When i start having kids that sh*t is going straight into the safe bahahaha