My Private Bathroom Time

While taking advantage of some private time in the bathroom, my son stuck this under the door to ask me if he could have it.



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  • Anonymous

    I’m impressed by 2 things, though…. 1) He’s asking permission before eating a treat. 2) He didn’t come barging in the room like my kids do!!

  • Anonymous

    Do you always take a camera for private bathroom time?

    • Anonymous

      I nearly always have my cellphone with me, and if I find something amusing it takes maybe 7 seconds tops for me to take a picture.

  • Margarett Newton

    God this made me laugh and laugh. This is like every single moment of my life!

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for the laugh. =)

  • Tasha Neff

    hhahahaha my son busts through the door like a mad man and hides it behind his back…i have to tell him he can have it so he stops hiding it….most of the time it’s gummy bears or fish crackers

  • Anonymous

    It happens to me ALL the time…

  • Kristi

    Wait until he learns how to pick the lock with a butter knife or grill skewer…then the ruination goes to an entirely knew level! Most women dream of exotic vacations, diamonds or car…me..I dream of going to the bathroom without 5 kids and the dogs joining me!

  • Noelia Lopez Madrigal

    my kids do this ALL THE TIME!!!

  • Amandia Marie Johnson

    I love this. My two year old will stick her little fingers under the door and tries to “get me” every time I shut the bathroom door. She will stick anything under it if she thinks it will get my

  • Amanda Bernard

    Glad to know I’m not the only one lol

  • Anonymous

    I would have grabbed the rice krispie treat and thanked him.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand what you think is broken here. Do you think children are supposed to act like animals?

  • Anne Marie McLennon

    Hahaha. My son is the same!

  • Rya

    Every. Damn. Time. lol

  • Missy Vail

    That’s funny!  I rarely if ever get private bathroom time either. 

  • Ann Wahlström

    I have tried to be alone in bathroom, daughter CONSTANTLY bursts in – now even hubby bursts in… contagious manners… *sighs* – I need a vacation away from family…

  • Ashley Brown

    they are stockers… they’ll always fine away

  • Mike Cui

    What if you were fapping…