My Carl Zeiss 24-70…

Camera + child = crying Dad



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  • Anonymous

    Oh My That is one expensive lens….Who to be mad at the child or yourself for leaving it where they can reach….darn

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Holy crap. I almost cried just looking at this one…

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap. I almost cried just looking at this one.

  • th@ br@

    *gasp* Noooo!

  • Anonymous

    OH how I hurt for you!

  • me

    Wow…Oh, wow….

  • Curtis Turner

    but it appears to only be the filter that is busted…

  • Tasha Neff

    i always look at it as….everything BUT my child is replaceable….he is not

    • Anonymous

      Again, missing the point. We all agree…that part is a given.

  • Clarisse Argolo

    one month with no desert for this child

    • jamiegrrrl

      I agree. You must not allow him to go to Las Vegas or Palm Springs, or any other desert vacation spot. Dessert, on the other, hand…TOTALLY ok.

    • Tami

      That’s right, no desert! No dessert, either.

  • Anja Perkins

    OMG this hurts…a $1500 lens…. as a photographer…this makes me tear up

  • Vince Barnhart

    Oh no! Sigma lenses for you here on out.

  • Anonymous

    Oh noooooo! I’m crying in sympathy.

  • Anonymous

    When I had a fancy lens I always kept a UV haze filter on it to reduce damage from accidental drops and bumps.

  • Kelly Bryan Wright

    I wanted to throw up when I saw this picture!!!

  • Kelly Bryan Wright

    This made me want to throw up!

  • Heidi

    Must’ve been one *ugly* kid!

  • Anne Marie McLennon


  • Alec

    On a lot of these photos, I say, “Ah … that sucks.” THIS one made me gasp to the point that I stopped breathing for a solid 5 seconds. So, so sorry.

  • Juli Eckmeier Cosack

    oh NO!!!! 🙁 my worst nightmare

  • James Caldwell

    Ours did that to a friend’s lens handing it to them.  Luckily, we got insurance to cover such incidents.

  • Jessica Ross

    I.would.cry. OMG

  • Juan Casero

    Never let a child near such things. I am buying one of these today only because of the exchange rate mine is costing me 1900 USD. Spending that much on a lens almost gives me diarhhea which is why I put it off for so long. If this happened to me It think my heart would skip a few beats.