He Ruined the Idea of “Vacation”!

My annual two week vacation at the family lake house recklessly feeding my sailing addiction is torpedoed by “The Mangler” (aka Rex, El Diablito, What-Did-He-Get-Into-This-Time?!, The Wanderer).  **Sigh**

Submitted by: Johnny B.



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  • http://impassionedplatypi.wordpress.com/ ImpassionedPlatypi

    I don’t see what was ruined here…

    • http://suchakiller.livejournal.com/ Elisabeth

      I guess just the whole vacation. Too many things to name.

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s the whole notion of a vacation has been “ruined” for this person. It no longer feels like time off or a real break, in fact, it’s exhausting! It was for me, too, until I redefined for myself what a vacation is (now=enjoying time off WITH the kids). But when mine were very little….WHOA! “Vacation” was always more work than being home!!!

      • Anonymous

        You got to take a nice vacation at a beach house, and in a crappy economy to boot. There’s nothing to complain about.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahaha! Yes, I always need a vacation after my “vacation”!!! I’m. So. Tired.

  • Anonymous

    One of my top reasons for not having kids… I don’t want to go through all that work so someone else has a good time, *I* want to have one. Hooray for cheaper, more fun, more debaucherous destinations, being able to see the sighs *I* want to see, paying less, having sex on a whim…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1523355862 Anonymous

      It was for me too. I loved my independence, freedom, etc. But yesterday I was standing in my skis, waiting for my 11 year old and remembering my love for skiing and how I didn’t want to have kids because I would have to give that up – for a time. I switched to xcountry and skied while pregnant, skied with a baby in a backpack and after 10 years, got back to it. Now I have a cool dude to ski with and have taken up snowboarding. Nothing has been lost and everything has been gained.

  • Anonymous

    Shoulda kept it in your pants.