My getting to work on time

Woke up to much ruffling sounds in the kids’ bedroom. They wanted to be tigers. I wanted to roar like one.



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  • heather smith

    Here, here! I totally agree Sarah! I say as parents we throw out permanant markers for GOOD… and scold any relative that decides a gift set that happens to come with markers to our children for birthdays, christmas, etc…

  • Riff Pepperpot

    You have no idea how relieved I was to realize that was Magic Marker and not. . . well, I don’t think I have to say what brown streaks down the legs look like.

  • Sarah

    Ha, ha, ha! I say, throw those kids into some long sleeves and long pants and get out the door anyway! Good thing it’s winter. Oh, and never buy permanent markers!

    • sarahc

      That’s what I do too, although an amazing amount comes off with wet wipes!

    • sarahc

      That’s what I do too, although an amazing amount comes off with wet wipes!

    • Heidi

      This. I fail to see why you were late to work? Even if it looks dirty, if it’s dry (and thus not going to spread any where else), and they don’t stink, then who cares?

  • Anonymous

    This is so funny. My son did something similar the night before his kindergarten “graduation”. He wanted to be a zebra…purple magic marker from head to toe. I thought I was gonna lose it lol.

  • Deborah Blicher

    My son for a while was drawing lines like that on his arms, down to his fingers, “where the lasers come out.”

  • Anonymous

    I love this! They wanted to be tigers. That’s awesome. Let them go to dc as tigers, you grinch:)

  • Anonymous

    I remember when my little brother drew lines all over our golden retriever with markers. She even had bright lines going down her nose. The awesomeness of kids.

  • Anne Marie McLennon

    Been there. Cleaned that.