Apparently my 2yr old decided to “make” eggs…. on our new area rug.



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  • Alexander

    That grin is just perfect… It’s a combination of “I know what I am doing is strange–but HEAR ME OUT! I’m 2. Okay I’m done.” and “Oh, you found me. Darn… I was hoping to have these eggs done by the time you found me. Surprise!”

  • Karen Lloyd

    Possibly an improvement. I’m not sure he could make that rug much uglier.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh! How could you be mad at a sweet face like that! What a cutie. Sorry you had to clean up that mess!! 🙁

    • Stacy

      He is a sweet kid and out of my 4… he is my best behaved kid!

  • Tasha Neff

    he’s to darn cute to even shake your finger son has done ALOT worse to my carpets lmfao

  • Deborah Blicher

    I love the cheery look on his little face!

  • Pam Brown

    I love that rug!!!!!! Oh My Goodness!! i hope it came out!

  • Anonymous

    And then you decided to provide positive reinforcement by taking a picture instead of explaining what he did wrong.

    • Claire

      there wouldn’t be much of a site if they didn’t take a picture. I’m sure his mother talked to him eggs and area rugs but that is not going to be the last mess on the rug no matter how much explaining you do. Sh*t happens.

      • Stacy

        I sure did explain to him it wasn’t right (after I took the picture). He now helps mommy crack eggs in the kitchen.

  • Anonymous

    not all it’s cracked up to be, apparently!