Bieber Graffiti on Carpet

My five year old son adores Justin Bieber and so professed his love in marker.  On carpet.  While I thought he was sleeping.



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  • Alexander

    I think that I would be more upset that he liked Beiber than the marker on the carpet.

    Marker is never permanent. Liking bad music can last a lifetime.

    • Tawny Lee Thompson

      That was exactly my first thought – that kid needs HELP!!!

  • Anonymous

    At least he spelled it correctly!

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, I am sorry for the marker incident and the bad taste in music.

  • Sophia

    I think you should leave it there – just throw a rug over it until he’s old enough to date. Then unveil it the first time he has a girl over.

    • K.Dog

      or a boy

    • Lynda Moren

      that is good i like your humor

  • tertle

    This is ironic, since this also points toward a future love of interior decorating.

  • Amanda

    Well… at least he’s a good speller!

  • BMT

    Rubbing alcohol, magic eraser and carpet shampoo will get that out. Our stairs had stripes for a while. I feel your pain.

  • Bethanie Grace Hirschelman

    he has PHENOMENAL handwriting for a five year old!

    • Arlyne Raines Dearduff

      I agree.

      I also agree to leaving it for when he’s dating 😀

    • Missy Vail

      Heh… that was my first thought… awesome handwriting.  lol

      I also agree… leave it to torture him with later.  lo.  Yes.. I’m an e-v-i-l mom. 

  • Lynda Moren

    kids are so funny. i remember when my kids were that age, they used the walls with crayon that couldn’t come off. you will talk about this the rest of your life.

  • Lynda Moren

    leave it there, it is just to funny.

  • Charene Ismarge Koekoek

    Well I am impressed he has such legible writing for his age….Your carpet however, will forever be a permanent reminder of the musician…:S

  • Satan

    lol, i know you!!
    and that very fact amused me. ah, the internet is a small place…

  • Victoria Parry

    lots of people pay big money to have Beiber carpet installed. (heehee = berber)

  • Ceciley Bierman

    I’m pretty impressed that for a 5 year old, not only is his handwriting pretty damn good but also the fact that he can spell “Justin Bieber” is also pretty awesome.  Used to be a preschool teacher so i have to say this is pretty impressive compared with other 5 year olds!