The dog and the cheese.

This is the 2nd time she painted solo. The first time, she woke up extra early one morning and instead of waking me…..she got the paint…the red paint. She painted herself, a backdoor, 3 kitchen cabinets fronts, an oval-ish shape on the wall by the t.v. , the fireplace surround on the left hand side and 1/4 of a weenie dog…oh and 3 pieces of cheese.

This time she pretty much limited her canvas to her self, and her shoes.



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  • Alexander

    Another post with “And she got into [item] again” on this website… Do people not learn to put the things that the kids mess up things with OUT of reach?

    Absolutely wonderful picture though… The composition of the eyes and the paint makes for a stunning shot.

    • Rachel

      Kids are crazy resourceful. My 2 year old was able to create a stairway of tipped over chairs to reach the top of the refrigerator to access the candy jar we thought was way out of reach early one morning…nothing was ruined, but it was a bit of a shock to find him up there when I came in to make breakfast

      • Laurie

        Yep, my youngest made stairs out the drawers up to the cabinet, then climbed atop the coffeemaker to get on top of the refrigerator to get to the phone. She had a habit of calling 911 which we had programmed into the emergency button on the phone. In fact, she’d done it often enough that they called back & checked before sending anyone (small towns :). I walked in & found her sitting up there grinning. She was 13 months old.

    • sarahc

      If you can find a place in this apartment MonkeyBoy can’t get to in the time it takes me to pee let me know! My last safe place (the top shelf of the bedroom closet) was lost with his last growth spurt– he’s tall enough now that with the footstool on the chair he can pull himself up there

    • lydiamae123

      They are sneaky, obviously you don’t have children.

    • Amy

      Yep. Alexander has no children.

  • lwebbie

    First of all cheese makes a great canvas!! And I thought my kid would be the only one at preschool painting herself instead of the paper!!

  • Shannon

    I love how none of it got in her gorgeous hair…seems to really brings out the blue on her face.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, you need to frame this…when she’s older! :^)

  • d2

    And what a beautiful little rainbow she is!

  • Laurie

    She is gorgeous!! Definitely needs to go in a frame!

  • Laurie

    She is gorgeous!! Definitely needs to go in a frame! Make sure it is out when she brings her first boyfriend home!

  • Shay

    “…and her shoes.”
    Of course, the shoes need to match.

  • sarahc

    BEAUTIFUL picture!

  • lydiamae123

    This would be the best scrapbook picture ever!

  • Anthony

    Seriously, can we get some more info on the photo? Camera, settings, lighting… are you pro?

  • Anonymous

    My Goodness, what a beautiful child. I agree with the “framing” comments

  • heather smith

    Man I love this picture.
    And Alexander… this site is called sh*t my kids ruined. It’s run off all us “bad parents” who do not learn, as you put it, mistakes. I’m so glad that your own kids, if you even have any, don’t do anything wrong, mess up your house or get into anything more than once. The rest of us however will continue to have blunders and wonderful moments with these mishaps as those are the moments we are going to look back on 10-20-30 years from now and laugh so hard and wish we had them back, and we will continue to post them on this site for everyone to laugh at, not belittle us for.

    • Tawny Lee Thompson

      Thank you, my thoughts exactly!!! I’m so SICK Of internet trolls and bullies, let’s put a stop to it!

  • Anonymous

    I just have to say that your daughter has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen! Interesting how she used the blue paint on her face to match those peepers.

  • Anonymous

    I just have to say your daughter has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen! Interesting that she chose the blue paint for her face to match those peepers.

  • Brooklyns Photography

    Goodness, that is THE most beautiful hair I have ever seen. And her eyes are also. But maybe next time, get an old sheet and hang it on a wall for her(:

    • Keri Ivy

      Thanks, great idea. I bought a huge roll of art paper and lined lower half of the playroom walls with it and when a section is full I just take it down, fold it up and put in the box of saved art and put up a new piece ! 

  • Ruby

    I woke up one morning to my 2.5 year old daughter in her brothers room covered in his blue modeling paint. After thinking long and hard about what I could possibly do to solve this problem I decided to buy a window/door alarm and put it on her bedroom door. We turn it on any time she’s in her room and it works like a charm! We found out she was waking up around 5:20 and sneaking around the house. She now waits until I let her out of her room, it’s so wonderful! We had to buy another one for her closet door, she loves her clothes. 🙂

    • Michelle Ramirez

      …That is remarkably GENIUS. I should’ve thought of that when I used to take care of my little cousins: the youngest one would always wander off into her sisters’ rooms and make a huge mess or even gambol around by herself outside, leaving her mom and me in a panic. 

      Now I know, if I ever take care of kids again, the answer is to get door alarms.

  • Anonymous

    I love that it was *1/4* of a wienie dog. “Hode still, goggie.”

  • Bailey Jacquelyn Stich

    Well, the blue really brings out her eyes. 🙂 She really is an adorable child.

  • Ashley Laschon

    o.m.g. LOL

  • *Kelli*

    This picture is awesome! I think you have a future artist on your hands. The blue on her face really brings out the color of her eyes and her beautiful red hair!

  • Tanya Retief

    Love this pic! 😀 Lol. It’s actually pretty striking, she looks gorgeous with a blue face.

    Alexander, I think you’re probably childless and definitely joy-less. 🙂

  • Anne Marie McLennon

    That’s actually a really beautiful colourful picture. I’d blow it up and frame it! haha

  • Elizabeth Gardner

    This is actually a really beautiful picture. Her eyes, the lighting, the reflection of her hair. I hope you get this framed.

  • Missy Vail

    That photo is precious!  I agree with the framing it comment.  This will be something you can remind her for YEARS to come.  lol

  • Amanda Shaneberger


  • Ann Wahlström

    This is so adorable – But I guess you didn’t think so when you just found out what she had done! – Maybe more like “OMG – WTF – Scream!” – Frame the pic, It’s lovely!

  • Ashley Brown

    such a beautiful picture