got his driver’s license

the very first time my son drove alone after getting his license…he got to work fine, drove home fine, and then ran RIGHT into the front of the house. my husband took it pretty hard when he saw the front of the garage but then he went IN the garage and saw his harley was right on the other side…buried under everything that came down when the truck hit…this was right after fixing the damage done to the truck when the other teenager hit it with his car 2 weeks after getting his license…(first picture is first wreck.)



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  • Alexander

    Which is why when I have children, they are getting a very small car and not a big-assed truck like the one pictured.

    I also won't spend more than $2000 on it, as they are going to wreck it anyway so why get them something nice?

    No power windows, no power locks, and I am removing the radio and everything else that they can distract themselves with. Oh, and a manual transmission so that they CAN'T be on the phone and drive at the same time. Not to mention they won't mess up the automatic doing neutral drops or burying the needle.

    In short, the most basic of cars so that they KNOW they have to pay attention because they have the least amount of distractions. Hell, I might remove the back seat entirely so that they can only have one passenger at a time.

    • Anonymous

      About manual tranny: Wouldn’t shifting gears be a bigger distraction than the radio? I have a rough enough time rolling down/up the window while driving, so I’ll usually do that while stopped/parked.
      About removing the back seat (BS): That won’t keep anyone from riding there. I took the BS out of my car to increase cargo capacity and join the BS area with the trunk. (my car is also my truck), and once gave someone a ride, and she sat where the BS was, even on top of some lumber I had sitting there that day, because the shotgun seat was was even more cluttered. No idea if she used the seatbelt, which I left in place. I regularly hit a construction dumpster for wood to use for building and for firewood.
      I personally found it to be distracting to not listen to any music when I drive. Anyone agree?
      My car’s tape deck died about 2 months ago, and swapped it out with one that my dad gave me, and with a bit of kludging (Chrysler stereo in a Oldsmobile car), I got sound again. I didn’t connect the antenna, but that’s OK, cause I don’t listen to the radio, just tapes or my iPod with a tape deck adapter.

    • Michelle Bacho

      When I first got my license,I drove a (fairly) nice car. Why? Because my folks refused to buy my own car and I needed to get to dance class somehow, so I borrowed my mom’s car. Chances are that truck could just be mom or dad’s car and he’s just borrowing it…

  • MmeZeeZee

    @ Alexander, I believe the answer is, “Buy your own car.”

    @ poor Marti, I can only assume the third child will never be driving a car registered in your names?

  • Marty

    This is what happens when you give your kid a freaking battering ram to drive.

  • Mayhem

    omg I did nearly the exact same thing when I was a new driver… including the part about the dad being more concerned about his Harley!

  • MelissaW

    As a driver’s ed teacher I hear alot of these stories. The best solution I heard was to make their son drive in and out of the garage 500 times before he could take the car again. He told me that he will NEVER hit the garage door again and it was a good teaching lesson. Hope it helps. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is when I would say that my child could NO longer drive my car. If he/she isn’t responsible enough then they can beat up their own car that THEY paid for. This sucks and I hope your son learned his lesson. I also hope that there was minor damage to the Harley!

  • Lee-Anna Morris

    The first thing I noticed was the rear end of the Harley and nearly cried! LOL As for the vehicle…my parents got me an 65 Dodge Dart. Huge yes, but it kept ME safe! House, garage, car = replaceable…your kids are not. Even if they are better drivers, you still have to worry about other people on the road. I will get my kids huge cars as well to protect them. I understand your frustration, and I would be pissed as well, just bringing up the other side. I did however learn a great deal about cars. I was given the car that did not run as well as the Chilton’s so I wasn’t able to drive it right away 😉

  • Missy Vail

    My son totaled his Jeep 3 months after getting it.  He bought it from our neighbors.  It was a 10 year old Jeep with only 60,000 miles on it. He ran into a lady that was stopped at a stop light.  He bought the car, and used the insurance money to buy another one.  He had a few other smaller incidents in his vehicle and ours… he now has his own insurance and is excluded from driving our vehicles.

  • Steven

    I think you need to work on showing your kids how to drive

  • Mike Cui

    He probably watched old Chevy commercials which claim the trucks are like a rock. And then coincidentally, you buy him a big ass Chevy Truck. then He think’s it so tough it won;t damage so he’s crashing into everything he sees. That claim is just for advertising – It’s not true!