$&#%@ Cupcakes

I made these beautiful cupcakes for my sons 3rd birthday. I answered a phone call and he knocked the container of cupcakes off the counter. My son will be my demise….did I mention it happened an hour before the party.



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  • lydiamae123

    I bet they still tasted yummy!

  • gibby71

    5 second rule!

  • Nedley_Mandingo_III

    Meh…that frosting looks nasty.

  • Ghia Coloada

    Serves you right! That frosting has a helluva lot of dye in it… you would have ruined about a dozen shirts right there.

  • Maria

    I don't think the frosting looks nasty. It just gets runnier the more food coloring you put in it (if you use plain food coloring, and I guess she did). I would be freaking out if that happened to me right before the party. But then, I would have had them up HIGH and out of the way!

  • Katrina

    your a brave person severing black icing to a bunch of kids!

  • http://twitter.com/jbroome jbroome

    If it helps, i immediately thought “Wolverine!” in the after picture.

    They're abstract x-men cupcakes!

  • tegdirb92

    I stumbled upon you blog for the sheer sake of your blog title! Love it. I have six kids and can definitely relate.

  • http://spokehedz.clavid.com/ Alexander

    Okay… So what you are saying is that you made some box-cupcakes (that only take 30mins to bake) slathered on some way too runny icing, and then smooshed on some plastic… what the heck are those anyway? Tokens? Buttons? Rings of superheros?

    And what does it matter? They are going to a bunch of 3 year olds. They don't honestly care what they look like–I bet they like them better all messy anyway.

    • Lori

      Do you EVER have anything nice to say?? You are completely pompous and condescending… and frankly, downright annoying.

  • http://www.facebook.com/HumanPsyche Jill Marie Joyce

    They don’t look that edible anyways, good riddance.

  • Anonymous

    I was taking a Wilton cake decorating class & on two separate occasions my son had pulled my perfectly iced class cake onto the floor. Both times & was just seconds from walking out the door. It’s gonna happen no matter how hard you try to ‘Put them up’ if a child is determined to get into something, they will!

  • Anonymous

    I just love the fact that the plain cupcake with the batman in frosting is STILL INTACT… all things considered, that’s a miracle! Maybe he liked that one? 🙂

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tawny-Lee-Thompson/100000381735512 Tawny Lee Thompson

      That was exactly my thought!

  • DD

    As a baker, I can tell you that those cupcakes didn’t fall over. They melted.

    • http://www.facebook.com/MomLovesTrance Lauren Arnold

      as I baker also, I can tell you’re a retard. looks like store bought icing, just colored and I can tell you right now that IS how they would look if they fell over.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Ross/769103286 Jessica Ross

    BLACK icing to a bunch of 3 yr olds? YEAH RIGHT! He probably saved you a hell of a lot doing this…..