no it’s not a raccoon, it is my two year old daughter wearing my mascara…I only turned my back for one minute to see this!



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  • Amanda

    Oh, this looks familiar! I gave my daughter some old brushes so she can put on makeup like mommy, but I've learned to keep my mascara on the top shelf of the bathroom closet. My daughter cries, “But, Mommy, I have to do my eyes!”

  • tatlew

    the same thing happened to me and my wife's mascara. our daughter put it on heavy she looked like Pris form blade runner it was very heavy ti took days to get it all the way off.

  • Kellie

    How cute!!! She is adorable, what are you going to do, she wants to be just like mommy.

  • http://spokehedz.clavid.com/ Alexander

    My sister, when she was about 6, put on LOADS of it–and then went down to her friends where they proceeded to smear it all over her face. She came home looking like the Black Swan.

    Mom made her go to school like that, as she didn't want to wash her eyes… She came home crying, and never went into mom's makeup case ever again.