The Shirt Says It All

I should have known when I put him in a shirt that says, “Big Trouble in a Little Shirt” that he would have to prove it to me. A whole bag of shredded cheese dumped on the floor in the time it took me to turn my back and push in his high chair….and 5 minutes after I had swept the floor. Of course.



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  • Carly_2788

    I know this isn't really relevant, but where did you get that Shirt I know a little girl that could do it some justice

    • Alex

      Old navy had it last winter. You might be able to find it on ebay

  • Alex

    We had this shirt last winter…ours outgrew the shirt but not the attitude.

  • mexichick

    This is the kind of stuff you remember and laugh about when your kid is 30 years old and not about the party that went as planned.

    • เสื้อผ้าเด็ก

      So I do. I like it.