What WAS the best haircut he’d ever had…

Sam had the best haircut of his life. He was so excited he wanted to keep cutting.



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  • http://twitter.com/fauxt0graph fauxt0graph

    What is wrong with this website? You can't have a successful website when you post so intermittently! I mean, really? It's December 30 and you haven't posted since the 14th. Shame!

    • TheToddFather

      Wowweee. Waiting for ruined shit pics through the holidays was really that rough? For fark's sake, lady!

    • Anonymous


  • Bryan Paschke

    I think fixing this might just involve turtle wax…..or ductape. EVERYTHING can be fixed with ductape.

  • http://twitter.com/QWERTYCommander Christopher Mauro

    Those stripes actually do look kinda badass.