This Year’s Santa Photo

My son Rem did a great job of punishing Santa this year.



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  • Candice M

    i think that santa did a pretty good job of ruining the photo himself. Seriously?

  • Duck

    The look on Santa's face is priceless. Though I must ask, why is he restraining the poor kid, let him go!

  • Teresa

    Save the photo and show it to his fiance one day!

  • Tenielle Reid

    I'd be scared of that Santa too!

  • KarinW

    The only good Santa picture we have is the very first one – my daughter was 6 weeks old and asleep… my younger 2 have no good pictures of them with Santa and I wonder if they'll be upset that they don't have those kind of pictures… oh well, it's a little late to try this year!

  • marry

    i read some of your blog the boy looks active, crying nono

  • Eva

    Anyone notice that Santa has his boot things on upside down? Doesn't the fur go on the top of the boot, and not the bottom? 🙂

  • mom of 3

    I think Santa is rolling his eyes!!!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t really blame him.

  • perlgerl

    That picture is remarkably clear, given the moving subject matter.

    • Eric

      My wife took it. She’s a photographer and had her “good camera” with her. Their photo was all blurry.

  • Heidi

    this is what happens when you force your child to sit on Santa’s lap. The child is old enough that you ought to know (and he probably told you) that he didn’t want to do it and/or that he doesn’t like strangers. You brought this ruined photo on yourself. Moron.

  • Anne Marie McLennon

    Hahaha. Good luck Santa! This one’s not buying it.

  • Natanya Michaud

    i may never take my kids to get santa pictures, they creep the bejeebers outta me! haha

  • GingerMae

    we just attempted Santa pictures for the first time with my 15mth old. ( ATTEMPTED being the key word.) He was hysterical from the moment he set eyes on santa. This guy was super nice and had natural white hair and beard so he totally looked like the real deal even. Bad thing is they required you to prepay so we couldn’t even back out without losing $. So I sat next to santa holding my son and we’re hoping there’s at least 1 picture where he isn’t screaming bloody murder.