No more time outs?

We put the two year old into “time out” on the Time Out Bench for throwing a toy. So he threw the bench. This was not the first time he broke the bench, but it is the most serious…



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  • splatman

    Make a new one out of reinforced concrete. 🙂
    As soon as he figures out how to chuck and ruin that, we'll talk again.

  • Alexander

    “not the first time he broke the bench”

    Means that your current method of punishment is not working, and you need to step up your game.

  • Alana Franklin

    You see what I'm saying, America? Kids can't throw whoopins…

  • Terry

    Seems like the severe punishment of “time out” there in namby-pamby land isn't working out too well for ya'. Time to put on your adult panties and spank a child…or maybe you could just tell little Johny that he's bad and will now have to sit on the floor.
    Spare the rod, spoil the child.

    • MmeZeeZee

      It obviously worked for you, right? LOL! Spare the obscure references from a thousands-of-year-old religion, save yourself needless guilt and raise a perfectly normal child nonetheless.

      If spanking worked, you'd only have to do it a few times. From all the times I see people whaling on their children in public, it obviously doesn't work any better than anything else.

      That's because children are immature little shits and no amount of beating them into oblivion, mind-numbing time-outs, or screaming their ears deaf is going to turn them into adults.

      Why don't you take your useless advice and go find a group of people foolish enough to believe that “if I hit someone enough, they will think I'm right.”

      This is not the place for parenting advice, especially not idiotic advice that insults the parent.

      Get a life, Terry, and have fun hitting your own kids on the buttocks. It seems you enjoy it.

      • Tawny Lee Thompson

        I wish I could like this 20 times!!!


    A two year old did that?
    What kinda two year old are we talking about here?
    A two year old gorilla?

  • tonyvila

    BTW, If you're looking for your classic Fisher-Price Little Person, I think I just found it.

  • Bryan Paschke

    eh, a little glue.maybe a nail or two…time to teach the kid carpentry. What he helps create, he may be less apt to destroy.

  • AdelaaR

    The fact that you put two year olds especially but even kids in general in what you call “time out” is silly, not helping and probably the root of your problem in the first place.
    The fact that your have a bench specifically designed to put people in “time out” makes it purely saddistic.
    You are a bad parent. I'm sorry but I cannot find a euphemism that could conseal the true meaning of that.
    Where does it go from here?
    How far will you go into punishing before you realise it is not the answer?
    I hope your kid sets it on fire next time … that's what I would have done 😉

  • Anonymous

    This is why we put our kids on Time Out on the bottom of the stairs. If my son manages to throw the stairs out of whack, I’ll really have something to post.

  • Anonymous

    This is why we put our son on Time Out on the bottom step of the stairs. If he manages to ruin the staircase, I guess I’ll have something to post.